“Support & Stabilise a Healthy Balanced Lifestyle” ~ Single Workshop


Recognise how the harmonious laws underlying Life’s vibrational reality are sustained by cyclic repetition. Discover which healthy habits will help Self-regulate you with harmony, maintaining your Rhythmic Orbit.

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Support & Stabilise a Healthy Balanced Lifestyle 
the single workshop is part of the
 “Swadharma” your Rythmic Orbit
8-Month Transformational Course 

ith Sara Avtar

A healthy lifestyle and fulfilling life require a balanced self-regulatory orbit, strengthening your immune system and maintaining your biorhythmic symphony. This in turn supports your essential projection.

Today’s challenges of CoVid, lockdowns, isolation, economic bottlenecks, increased Internet activity, and loss of purpose all require acute maintenance of your inner self-regulatory balance, so you can stay healthy, vital and maintain psychological equilibrium.

The sensitive rhythmic combination of organic movement with breath and sound helps to re-attune and vitalize your body and mind. You are ushered into a state of original balance while accessing the guidance of your inherent self-regulatory power, or ‘Swadharma’. This then helps you align with and express your innate true purpose.

Establishing and following this inner pulse, you become more receptive to insightful prompts and the emergence of inner wisdom. This guidance helps you maintain your self-regulatory orbit, to enable a smoother and more resilient passage through these shifting times, while also prompting you to bring forth and contribute your unique gifts.

When your orbit picks up its momentum, it becomes your vehicle or ‘coach’, carrying you through exterior chaos, as you dwell harmoniously in the eye of the storm.

In this upcoming series of once-monthly 3.5-hour workshops, Sara Avtar shares specific Shakti Dance®techniques throughout an 8-month course, with optional self-study follow-up. This course maps out a deep process of self-transformation. It is designed to help equip and sustain you, as you adapt and evolve into this newly emerging paradigm of life and being human. The course will be presented in the following themes:

“Swahdharma – Your Rhythmic Orbit” is an 8-Month Transformational Course, consisting of a series of 8 x once-monthly 3.5-hour workshops, with optional guided self-study follow up.

If you cannot, or could not be present for the live online workshop webinar, but would still like to follow the whole transformational course, you will still receive access to the recordings of all the Encounters.

Schedule & Theme of Workshops:


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