The system of Shakti Dance® has a unique and distinctive methodic development through 8 Phases that can be found in a Regular Class. These Phases, specific to Shakti Dance®, combine energetically to activate the ‘Creative Spirit of Shakti’, opening out into a peaceful state of aware Presence and Yogic Union.

A Session of Shakti Dance® Flows through, and is Characterised by these 8 Phases:


Connecting with the Creative Source and Inner Guidance

A class starts with an opening mantra, accompanied by a sequence of hand movements (mudras). This opens the space, connecting with the creative source and the luminous presence of the inner teacher to receive the teachings and inner guidance. See: Video of Celestial Communication for Tune-In

2. SHAKTI FLOWING ASANAS ~ Swara Rasa® Asana

Opening Pranic Currents with Flowing Yoga Asanas

Organic, rhythmic and flowing floor stretches/asanas, coordinated with breath and sound, open and deeply relax the body, releasing stress and blockages; bringing regeneration and rejuvenation. The mindful movement sequences pulsate gently through waves and spirals to extend your range of movement and increase body awareness. This phase is very meditative, grounding and nurturing. It brings the practitioner ‘into their body’, warming up muscles, releasing tension in the fascia and increasing flexibility. Essentially, this phase opens and increases the flow of prana-shakti through the body’s energy channels (nadis).

3. STANDING EXERCISES ~ Swara Rasa® Charan

Charging the Magnetic Field with Repetitive Standing Exercises

After opening up the pranic-flow, the class moves into energising, breath-related standing exercises that open the chakras, rebalance the 5 elements and charge the pranic body with increased vitality. The energy released in the previous phase is now intensified and distributed throughout body, using rhythmic standing movements and repetitive dance steps from different dance genres to different styles of music and tempo – mostly accompanied by yogic mantras. These standing exercises work with the body’s natural geometry and mechanics, adhering to principles of harmonious movement, e.g. the rebound force, surrendering to gravity, giving impulse from the navel, lifting through the bhandas and reaching through lines of stretch.


Spontaneous Movement Meditation

Having calmed the mind and accumulated charge, the practitioner is now quite literally propelled into free dance by the inner currents of prana-shakti: “It’s a very relaxed feeling when you come into the flow. There is no fear that something has to be in one way or another way, or that it could go wrong. It’s just whatever comes.” (Sara Avtar, Aug 09). In this stage, the innate creativity of each individual is given free reign. When the dancer surrenders completely, the dance becomes an expression of the innermost being, prompting natural healing and intuitive insight.


Lying in Shavasana (corpse pose), the phase of relaxation calms, harmonizes and consolidates the stimulation of different qualities of energy in the previous phases. Here, the rhythmic pulsations of body, mind and spirit are given space to integrate while releasing residual tension and old energy.

~ Swara Rasa® Yantra

Mantra Synchronized with Meditative Movement

A Celestial Communication (Swara Rasa® Akash) or Mantric Choreography (Swara Rasa® Lila) are forms of mandala movement meditation that realign and balance the energy field. They may be done sitting or standing, and are practiced to a mantra – generally in Gurmukhi or Sanskrit. The repeated symmetrical movement sequence becomes a focus that stills the mind, creating sacred geometry with harmonising wave-patterns within the aura. These meditations can be very profound, are enjoyable to learn, and create a powerful group matrix when practiced in a mandala constellation.


Space is now given to return to the stillness within (Shakti merges back into Shiva), to enjoy the fulfilment of emptiness, following the satisfaction of self-expression. This is the opportunity to bathe in the regenerative spaciousness of Source within.


A simple and specific mantra, combined with mudra movements is chanted at the end of the session, bringing inner and outer worlds into balance, centering and grounding, while creating a protective auric shield around each participant.

Taster of the 8 Phases of Shakti Dance®: