Sara Avtar: Who is Shakti? Shakti Dance® – The Yoga of Dance

Who is Shakti?

Shakti is the animating force that enlivens all beings, the great mother of the universe. She is the vibration of every atom, she is all movement – she is the vibration at the base of all existence. Shakti is the dance of life.

Shakti is the great goddess, and consort of Shiva. Just as Shiva is static consciousness (pure awareness), Shakti is dynamic consciousness (awareness in motion). 

As Shiva is the dancer, Shakti is the dance.

Just like the ‘luminosity’ and ‘heat’ of fire: ‘Shiva is the potential’ and ‘Shakti is the power’ that moves and moves through of all Life.

Shakti's Primary Principles:
~ Triple Goddess ~ TriDevi ~

Nature’s Cycle of Life has been, and continues to be, honoured by many traditions throughout the world. The animating power of Life’s cyclic energy – birthing, blooming and fading throughout all of Nature, transitioning us through our lives, propagating growth and evolution… is held by the feminine principle – the goddess, in all her various forms. 

We find the archetypal energies of the Triple Goddess in the mythology of various European Pagan cultures, expressed through the rhythmic orbits of planets, moon-phases, seasonal change, turning of tides, and the menstruation cycle. And similarly these archetypal and transformational qualities of change are found in her different expressions of Shakti as the ‘TriDevi’, in the Indian yogic and Hindu cultures.

In the practice of Shakti Dance®, the symbolism of the different forms of Shakti-Devi is understood as the personification of different universal principles with specific qualities found in the different phases of Life’s Cycles, rather than as deities to be dogmatically worshipped.

The primary archetypal principles of Shakti-Devi that we relate to within the natural cycle and whose qualities we can embody through the practice of Shakti Dance® are:

~ Saraswati: Power of Creation
~ Lakshmi: Power of Sustenance and Abundance
~ Kali: Power of Dissolution and Return to Source

And at the centre of the cycle or circle is:

~ Maha Kali: Non-Manifest Realm – Original Silent Being

This central non-manifest realm of Source or original potential, silently permeating the cycle, can also be related to as the male archetypal Shiva-principle and his corresponding counterparts of the Shakti TriDevi:

~ Brahma: Potential of Creation – Storehouse of Subtle Wisdom
~ Vishnu: Potential of Organisation – Sustaining Inner Beloved
~ Shiva: Potential of Dissolution – Awakening from Illusion 

When we relate with Shakti’s energy to our silent inner Shiva-Source and pulsate in harmony with Life’s different phases, we learn to balance Shakti’s fluctuating mental and physical qualities throughout the cyclic unfolding of our lives. In so doing, we are embraced by a self-sustaining and nourishing flow. This in turn, attunes us deeply to Life on this Earth, releasing what we are not… and becoming who we really are – guardians of our inherently abundant world.

In the process of revealing, expressing and fulfilling our potential, like a seed to bloom, we become the gardeners of the fruit we have to offer and contribute to this Life. Our caring contribution nourishes the Sacred in our world, sustaining greater harmony and abundance for all.