Our Vision

Our Vision at the Academy is to sustain the unfolding feminine Spirit of Shakti in the Dance of Life. Sharing the practice of Shakti Dance®, we want to help attune humanity to the Original Pulse of Harmony, for the wholesome and Sacred to flourish. 

We aim to connect and nurture a community network of practitioners and teachers around the world, helping people to expand perspectives and step into wholeness. We want to co-create a world, in which we release what we are not and access the Being we truly are, viscerally embodying harmonic resonance and its emergent self-organisation. We want to support you to unfold your vital inner guidance, flower through your essential expression and thereby realise your unique contribution to our evolving humanity. 

The Academy serves the intention of Shakti Dance® and is also a portal for its practice. It shares harmonising practices that help reveal the aware Being within, activating Creative Spirit and supporting the full fruition of potential through you, for the harmony of the whole.

Online Learning

We offer Online Courses, Workshops, Classes and Events with different certified Shakti Dance®  Teachers from around the world, who share different aspects of the practice to a variety of life-enhancing themes. These may be accessed by the general public through the “Academy e-Shop”. The Academy also provides a library of teaching material for teachers and those in training, which may be accessed through the “Reserved Areas“.

Training & Recognition

The Academy is a body that collates and preserves the integrity of the teachings of Shakti Dance®, offering and promoting its teachings. It oversees and sustains the training of Shakti Dance® Teachers and Teacher Trainers, officially recognising and certifying the training programs. The Shakti Dance Academy offers four different “Paths of Training”.


Not least, the Academy acts as a platform for practitioners, teachers and trainees to connect, contribute, exchange experiences, enrich and nourish each other… and thereby evolve.