The Yoga of Dance

The Yoga of Dance

Enhancing the Full and Vibrant Expression of Creative Being

Shakti Dance® is the point where yoga and dance meet – transforming dance into yoga. Here, dance becomes a conscious practice, heightening awareness and unfolding into yogic union.

In this Dance of Life, we live as individual vibratory fields in a swirling mass of vibrations. Our health, vibrancy and wellbeing depend upon how the vibrations in these fields are aligned and harmonised. As the yoga of dance, Shakti Dance® facilitates balance and harmony, using a three-fold synergy of rhythmic breath, movement and sound – together with sensory awareness, or mindfulness.

Harmoniously aligning Shakti’s vital energy, the underlying luminosity and spaciousness of wakeful inner being (Shiva) is revealed. This enables the meditative state of peaceful presence to prevail. Shiva then blossoms through Shakti, organically unfolding, expressing and fulfilling inner potential.

When Shiva and Shakti merge in yogic union, the underlying wakeful presence is realised as one’s true nature. Releasing the finite sense of self into infinite creative being, life flows through us with greater ease to find its full and vibrant expression.

Yoga of Dance – Interview with Sara Avtar

Meet Sara Avtar, the founder and creator of Shakti Dance. In this one hour interview she explains in great detail how Shakti Dance emerged and developed to become a new yogic practice. She talks about different aspects in the following “minutes” of the interview:

  • How Shakti Dance emerged as a new yogic discipline. (Minute 0:00:00)
  • How the different aspects of Yoga (posture, breath, concentration,meditation, etc) and Dance come together in Shakti Dance. (Minute 0:11:55)
  • The relationship between Shakti Dance and Kundalini Yoga.
    (Minute 0:22:50)
  • The 8 phases of a Shakti Dance class.(Minute 0:30:00)
  • Different themes for a Shakti Dance class. (Minute 0:48:30)
  • Development of Shakti Dance through the teacher trainings.
    (Minute 0:55:00)
  • The aspect of self-transformation in the Shakti Dance training.
    (Minute 1:01:22)
  • The impact of Shakti Dance in Sara Avtar’s life. (Minute 1:04:50)