Re Man ~ CC Video & 40-Day Online Course, with Sara Avtar

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 Regeneration of Inner and Outer Worlds
~ For Self-Harmonization & Planetary Healing ~

Package Content:
✨ Celestial Communication video-download,
✨ 40-day Online Practice Course with 12 x Guidance Videos


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~ Re Man ~
Celestial Communication Practice Video & 40-Day Online Course, with Sara Avtar

Regeneration of Inner & Outer Worlds ~ For Self Harmonization & Planetary Healing ~


‘Re Man’ is a mantra that has accompanied me for almost two decades, not least prior to the birth of my son.

It is mantra, composed by Guru Gobind Singh and is imbued with the rhythmic pulse of sacred geometry, golden mean Phi, creating an electro-magnetic field with the quality of: ‘Regeneration’.

The mantra describes the alignment of our mind and inner attitude, as we listen for, and are receptive to the original pulse of creation that nourishes and satiates us. Through this listening and resonance, we merge with and absorb the guiding wisdom harboured in these subtle melodies. 

This resonance helps us shift to the right frequency to enter into a Golden Age. Aligning our attitude and consciousness to true vibration of our soul-Self in relation to others and the world around us, to create paradise on Earth!

The instrument of our mind and body is attuned back to its original blueprint, lending us inner balance and stability. In the process, our unconscious distorting emotionality is released and transformed, such that more aware feeling and sentiment can be integrated.

This process enables us to embody the harmony of the spheres and its inherent ‘golden’ proportionality. A creative patterning of Phi that sustains and regenerates all life, lending a ‘Golden Aura’.

The subtle geometrical qualities activated by the mantra are enhanced through their physical expression of the celestial communication. The movements of the upper body rotate around the central node of the heart centre, delineating a fluid 3D mandala; coordinating the geometrical lines and flow of body. Attuned to the sound current and sentiment of the mantra, these meditative movement flows help induce a deep cosy feeling of the soul-self, generating essential harmony.

Throughout this 40-day group practice, we will create a subtle mutually supportive group constellation, uniting as Siblings of Spirit, as we weave together our magnetic fields to create the geometry of a dodecahedron – a Platonic solid or 3D shape, made up of 12 equal pentagons (5-sided faces). 

Though this dodecahedron shape, known to embody ‘the totality of the uni-verse’, we will join our hearts and minds worldwide to help facilitate harmonious healing not only for ourselves, but also for humanity and our planet.

Our recent 40-day Shakti Dance® group practices over this last year have been well received, with such positive feedback of how they have helped people with their health, mental balance, relationships, inspiration, creativity and intuition. We have all felt the benefits of the group practice, weaving together our like-minded and like-hearted vibration; feeling the mutual support and sustenance that has given us through this last year of pandemic uncertainty.

Now, with this upcoming ‘Re Man’ 40-Day practice, we will take our practice a step further. The ‘Regeneration of Inner and Outer Worlds’ that ushers in a Golden Era is much needed in times when the dysfunctionality of old inner and outer systems are coming to light; as they crumble and look to be re-birthed into a new more harmonious light. 

I invite you to join me in this. 

✨ Release of Mental and Physical Stress;
✨ Alignment to Original Pulse;
✨ Developing Emotional Stability & Maturity
✨ Self-Harmonization;
✨ Regeneration of Mind & Body;
✨ Accessing Creative Impulse;
✨ Developing Intuition;
✨ Embodying the Soul-Self;
✨ Facilitating Planetary Healing

Sara Avtar is a life-long dancer, originator of Shakti Dance®, a KRI Kundalini Yoga Level 1 & Level 2 Lead Teacher Trainer, Sat Nam Rasayan Healer, recording artist, mother, and CEO of the Shakti Dance Academy. Over the last 15 years she has trained hundreds of Shakti Dance® Teachers and a talented team of Teacher Trainers all over the globe. Sara Avtar transmits the practice of Shakti Dance® with inspiration and insight, facilitating an embodied experience of its fluid, nurturing depth. Her teaching helps connect the practitioner to Source, enhancing the expression of unique personal potential and sustaining the much-needed unfolding into wholeness, for planetary harmony. Read more

✨ Re Man” Celestial Communication Practice Video

✨ 40-day Online Practice Course with 12 x Guidance Videos (approx 20 mins each)

(Please note: The online course is presented on a Private Group, and requires agreeing to daily interactive journalling. You will need a good internet connection to download this package.)

‘Re Man’ mantra music track is from Sara Avtar’s new album “Release”, recorded with Kamari & Manvir.  The single track is not part of this product.

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Sara Avtar invites to 40 Practice

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