Release ~ Saravtar (featuring Kamari & Manvir)

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Clearing ~ Joyful ~ Opening

This is Saravtar’s NEW RELEASE. It is her sixth album, recorded in collaboration with Kamari & Manvir

Instruments performed, recorded, arranged and mixed by Kamari & Manvir, Alicante, Spain.

Released: ©2020. Genre: Mantra



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Release ~ Saravtar (featuring Kamari & Manvir)

This is Saravtar’s NEW RELEASE. It is her sixth album, recorded in collaboration with Kamari & Manvir. Here, she offers a selection of mantras in a range of ambient and acoustic soundscapes to sustain and enhance the practice of Shakti Dance® – also enjoyable for easy listening. Different atmospheres and rhythmic qualities are evoked, helping release inner fear and blockages – promoting the flow of innate harmony.

Manvir’s delicate acoustic arrangement of flutes, piano, cellos, didgeridoo and guitar and Kamari’s vital infusion of subtly woven ambient grooves all gently embed the warmth of Saravtar’s soulful bluesy vocals and angelic choral harmonies. These soundscapes invite you to chant along and dive deeply into their meditative sound current, ushering you into a natural state of relaxed Presence. The mantric texts are from the Sikh and Hindu sacred scriptures, finding perfect expression in these refreshing compositions of world-music.

Instruments performed and arranged by Kamari & Manvir, Alicante, Spain.
Recorded, mixed and mastered at Akashik Recordings Studio:

Released: ©2020. Genre: Mantra


  • Om Sat Chit Ananda (6:06) 
  • Suniai (15:06) 
  • Jyo Bhaaveh (10:03) 
  • Aad Gureh Nameh (5:55)
  • Re Man (15:39)
  • Gobinde Mukande (8:37)
  • Ra Ma Da Sa (11:20)

Complete Mp3 Download Album – Length 1 hour 13 mins



Om Sat Chit Ananda:


Jyo Bhaaveh:

Aad Gureh Nameh:

Re Man:

Gobinde Mukande:

Ra Ma Da Sa:



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