Ra Ma Da Sa Standing CC

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Elemental Harmony &  Self-Healing
with Sara Avtar
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Ra Ma Da Sa Standing Celestial Communication

~ Elemental Harmony &  Self-Healing ~

Embark on a transformative journey aligned with the festival of Mabon at the Autumn Equinox—a time of ripening intentions and abundant harvest. Join our 40-Day Standing Celestial Communication, choreographed to harmonize and attune to nature’s elemental energies; interweaving the 5 Elements, sacred sound, and the healing power of movement. Led by Shakti Dance’s visionary creator, composer and choreographer of this practice, Sara Avtar. Embody the ripening and offering of your intentions for a bountiful harvest.

40-Days Practice from: 10th September - 19th October

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Experience a meditative dynamic movement sequence that synchronises rhythmic, pulsating and flowing movements with sacred sound to align body, mind, and spirit. This fusion:

✨ Harmonizes Elements for Healing:
Balances your system as you realign the elements within.

✨ Awakens Vitality:
Channels the life force through breath, movement and mantra to renew and self-heal.

✨ Offers an Embodied Journey:
Roots wholesome intentions into Mother Earth, nurtures through water, ignites with fire, enhances clarity through air and connects us to each other and our inner wisdom through the ether. It unites body, mindful intent, and spirit.

 Assists in Ripening Intentions:
Embodies the culmination of intentions set at Winter Solstice, reflecting your personal growth over this last year.

This practice helps you unlock self-healing and renewal through the combination of rhythmic, flowing arm movements, and sacred sound. It helps attune you to Nature’s cycles, immersing you in Mabon’s energy, while offering you transformative benefits:

✨ Stress Relief: 
Finding balance and tranquility through guided movements and sound.

✨ Mind-Body Union:
Aligning mind and body through the coordination of the choreography with the mantra.

✨ Emotional Liberation:
Fluid movement releasing emotional blockages and nurturing well-being.

✨ Connection to Inner Self:
Deepening connection to subtle realms through the power of mantra.

✨ Inner Wisdom: 
Embarking on a journey of Self-discovery, embracing intuition and wisdom.

✨ Becoming Present:
Immersing yourself in the present as you refine and harmonize movement, sound and breath.

✨ Harvest and Transformation:
Cultivating and harvesting intentions through harmonious movement – ripening them into abundance as embodied gifts.

Sara Avtar, the luminary behind Shakti Dance, invites you to embark on a 40-Day journey towards self-renewal and inner harmony. As the creator of this transformative fusion of movement and meditation, Sara’s guidance infuses wisdom, compassion, and empowerment into each session. Join her in discovering the profound unity of movement, sound, and nature as the autumnal energies guide your journey.

Step into a world where the rhythms of nature merge with your inner rhythms. Join Sara Avtar and the Shakti Dance Academy community on a 40-Day journey that resonates with the autumnal energies, fostering self-discovery and renewal. Elevate your practice, align with the shifting season, and embody your potential. Read more

Weekly Themes with Guided Videos:
Once per week Sara Avtar will accompany you with a guided video to help you align your six week journey with Mabon’s phases of growth. These videos progressively merge the theme of the elements with early autumn’s stages of growth and transformation, supported by the Seasonal I-Ching:

Week 1. Abundance and Earth:
Ground intentions in abundance.

Week 2. Family and Water:
Connect through fluid movement, nurturing relationships.

Week 3. Wholeness and Fire:
Discover vitality through the impulse of fire.

Week 4. Beauty and Air:
Find clarity through the expansive air-inspired movements.

Week 5. Reflection and Ether:
Refine and nurture through inward reflection.

Week 6. Innocence and Nature:
Return to innocence with nature-inspired rhythms.


This membership is designed for Shakti Dance® Certified Teachers to keep improving their teaching technique and depth of practice, connecting to Shakti Dance Community and expanding their unique vibration through classes and workshops.

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This membership is designed for anyone wanting to return to the radiance and sacrality of their natural state.

✨ Discounts on Online Activities worth €200+

✨ Friendship, networking, and co-creation opportunities with the Shakti Dance members, which includes our most passionate and committed students.

✨ Private exclusive social network to connect with Shakti Dance Members across the globe.