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Swara Rasa – Mp3 Album Download
Soothing & Inspiring – Attuning to the Rhythm of Harmony

This is Saravtar’s third album, released 2018, offering warmly embracing mantras to tune-in, sustain and enhance the practice of both Shakti Dance® and Kundalini Yoga. These soothing mantras invite you to chant along and dive deeply into their sound current for harmonisation, deep healing and awakened mind. The mantric texts are from the Sikh and Hindu sacred scriptures and the tradition of Kundalini Yoga, finding perfect expression in the refreshing, soulful celtic-blues of Saravtar’s angelic voice and choral harmonies.





Swara Rasa

World music in it’s finest incarnation!
Gently undulating mantras inviting you into a harmonious and deeply meditative state.

Percussion grooves from tabla, udu, caxixi, talking drum, and shekere played by master musicians in concert with exquisite guitars, basses, keys, and sarod, all delicately interwoven to support Saravtar’s celestial-sweet and bluesy voice, under the guiding arrangement of Eric Forrest.

These mantras have been composed from a state of flowing stillness (Swara Rasa), arising through Saravtar’s personal yoga practice, and have been produced specifically to accompany Shakti Dance® choreographies and movement meditations, leading one into a state of stillness and silence.

“The science of Reality is to find the Sound and to resound in that Sound. Then the soul shall excel and God shall dwell within you.”  ~ Yogi Bhajan

Released: ©2018. Genre: Mantra


  • Adi Mantra (11:09)
  • Om Aim (5:17)
  • Sat Siri Akaal (7:10)
  • Aadays Tisai (10:29)
  • Rakhanahar (7:47)
  • Akaal (6:00)

Complete Mp3 Download Album – Length 47:12
Price: €10,99 



Adi Mantra:

Om Aim:

Sat Siri Akaal:

Aadays Tisai:




Featuring: “Rakhanhar”

Featuring: “Akaal”

Featuring: “Aadays Tisai”

Featuring: “Om Aim”


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