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Engaging & Refreshing – Instilling Blissful Peace

This is Saravtar’s fifth album, offering raaga-based mantras to sustain and enhance the practice of Shakti Dance® and Kundalini Yoga. These mantras activate different moods for peaceful harmonisation and the ripening of Self realisation. The weave of Indian dohlak drum, sarod, and Appalachian dulcimer, together with the soulful celtic-blues of Saravtar’s angelic voice and choral harmonies, invite you to chant along and dive deeply into their meditative sound current. The mantric texts are from the Sikh and Hindu sacred scriptures and the tradition of Kundalini Yoga, finding perfect expression in these refreshing compositions of world-music. 

Produced and instruments performed by Eric Forrest, Montana, USA.





Swaha ~ Fruition

This album is the fruit of a group Shakti Dance® sojourn to Maheshwar, India, in January 2019. On her return, Saravtar was inspired to work with classical Indian Raags. Taking Hukams (divinatory readings) from the sacred book of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, Saravtar received the sacred texts sung in these tracks. As she attuned to the strains of other Sikh Shabads written in the appropriate Raags, Saravtar composed the tracks offered in this album. Her melodies and vocals were then masterfully arranged and moulded into their full-bodied atmosphere by Eric Forrest, carefully folding in instrumentation with increasing intensity throughout the duration of each spiritual mediation. 

Of the four tracks in the album, the first three have been composed based on Raags:

  • Aap Oupaavan (Raag Bilaval – Morning Raaga with a feeling of deep devotion and repose)
  • Prabh Kai Simran (Raag Gauri – Encourages perseverance of focus without pride)
  • Jaa Tis Bhaavaa (Raag Sorath – Creates a powerful harmonic atmosphere, instilling confidence and mergence with one’s inner Truth)

The common theme running through all 4 tracks is that of ‘Fruition’. From a spiritual perspective, fruition is the maturation of Self-realisation – the mergence of the finite self with Infinite Being. With it, the ‘treasure of blissful Presence’ is instilled,  enabling radiant expression. The Indian goddess, Lakshmi, is the archetype of this radiant fruition, sparkling through an awakened mind and body with harmonious abundance.

As we harmonise and awaken to the unified Presence at the core of all creation, our inner space and landscape opens out, broadening our horizon. New creative ways of extending and harmonising the parameters of collective human consciousness can arise – transforming and regenerating the current corrupt and decaying world paradigm. This is the prayer that goes out with this album.

The Sanskrit word “Swaha” also has the connotation of fruition. It is generally sung at the end of a mantra (as in “Om Shrim”) and means: “And so be it!” or “Well said”, imbuing the mantra with the necessary potency to come to fruition.

In the ‘Om Shrim’ video, below, you can find one of the Celestial Communications (meditative movement sequences with the arms and upper body), created by Saravtar for each of these tracks. These mandala movement meditations reflect the sonic patterns of the tracks. They are wonderful to relax the mind, while coordinating and harmoniously aligning all aspects of our being. They profoundly enhance the effects of the mantra. For best results recite each mantra for 40, 90 or 120 days.

Produced and instruments performed by Eric Forrest, Montana, USA.

Released: ©2019. Genre: Mantra


  • Aap Oupaavan (10:55) ~ Seeing Original Being in All
  • Prabh Kai Simran (12:01) ~ Absorbing the mind into still Presence
  • Jaa Tis Bhavaa (11:37) ~ Attuning to harmony of heart
  • Om Shrim (7:15) ~ Sourcing radiant harmony

Complete Mp3 Download Album – Length 41:48
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Aap Oupaavan:


Prabh Kai Simran:


Jaa This Bhavaa:

Om Shrim:


Swaha~Fruition Promo Video:

Om Shrim Celestial Communication & Mantric Choreography:


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