Merging – Saravtar Complete Mp3 Double Album

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Merging – Sehjay Samaa-ay
Mp3 Double Album Download:
Disc 1: Shakti – for easy listening & shorter practice
Disc 2: Bhakti – for yogic practice





Merging – Sehjay Samaa-ay is truly a unique Album! Saravtar, founder of the yogic discipline Yoga of Dance, Shakti Dance, took a longer period of time to come out with her new album after having released her eponymous debut album Shakti Lila several years ago. This gave her the necessary time to let musical ideas evolve, develop fine arrangements and create this wonderful music, which is the perfect base for her in-depth singing, the sacred mantras and the spiritual poetry.

Together with masterful musicians, Saravtar delivers a soundscape which truly expresses the album title “Merging”: step by step, all merges into a harmonious unity and becomes ONE. The refreshing musical range on this album also speaks for itself: from the mystically-woven opening piece, into which Saravtar weaves two Kundalini Yoga mantras, through light-soothing pieces, to rhythmic – and of course Shakti Dance-able pieces, Merging – Sehjay Samaa-ay spans a versatile musical bow.

Another specialty of this CD is the accompanying Bonus-CD, on which you will find some of the pieces in ideal meditation length. This allows you to also use Saravtar’s music as a practical tool for yoga, meditation and teaching.

Released: ©2014. Genre: Mantra




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