Re Man ~ Celestial Communication Video ONLY ~ with Sara Avtar

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 Self Harmonization & Planetary Healing
~ Regeneration of Inner and Outer Worlds ~

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Self Harmonization & Planetary Healing

“Regeneration of Inner and Outer Worlds“


“Re Man is a mantra that has accompanied me for almost two decades, and was my daily practice, resounding within me, at the time of my son’s conception.” ~ Sara Avtar

This mantra, composed by Guru Gobind Singh, is imbued with the rhythmic pulse of sacred geometry and the Phi golden mean, activating an electro-magnetic field that can regenerate and heal us.

The mantra helps align our mind and inner attitude – to listen and merge with the pulse of creation that nourishes and satiates us. Through resonance, we download and absorb the guiding wisdom harboured in these subtle melodies.

Repeatedly expressing the Phi spirals inherent to our DNA, our body-mind is attuned back to its original blueprint, giving us inner balance and stability. This helps us release distorted conditioning and transform our unconscious emotionality, for an enhanced awareness of our deeper feelings and meaningful sentiments.

Through this practice we open up to embody the ‘harmony of the spheres’ and its inherent ‘golden’ proportionality. The creative Phi patterning sustains and regenerates all life and, through this mantra, we are imbued with a ‘Golden Aura’ on a cellular level.

The mantra’s inherent sonic geometry is enhanced by its physical expression in the Movement Meditation Sequence. The movements of the upper body rotate around the central node of the heart centre, delineating fluid 3D Phi-Spiral Mandalas, coordinating lines of symmetry and flow in the body.

By attuning through these meditative movement flows to the sound-current of the Mantra, its deeper sentiment permeates us with that cosy feeling of our essential Self.

Resonating with this Mantra Movement Meditation we engage with the key Phi-Frequency to unlock and enter a Golden Age. As we align with our authentic soul vibration in relation to others and the world around us, we step into wholeness, facilitating Harmony of Being for Planetary Healing. 

Together, let us create Harmony on Earth!

✨Attune to Harmony of Authentic Being;

✨Dwell in your Heart;

✨Find Sanctuary Within;

✨Be Protected from Unconscious States

✨Release Filters of Duality;

✨Be Guided by Awareness;

✨Recognise and Serve your Purpose;

✨Be in Resonance with Life.

✨ Anyone who wants to clear internal, emotional energy blocks and feel more fulfillment and happiness within

✨ Those wanting a self-care releasing filters of duality bringing peace to the mind

✨ Everybody with an interest bringing more joy and be in resonance with life

✨ Individuals seeking to cultivate deeper self-awareness and healing

Sara Avtar is a life-long dancer, originator of Shakti Dance®, a KRI Kundalini Yoga Level 1 & Level 2 Lead Teacher Trainer, Sat Nam Rasayan Healer, recording artist, mother, and CEO of the Shakti Dance Academy. Over the last 15 years she has trained hundreds of Shakti Dance® Teachers and a talented team of Teacher Trainers all over the globe. Sara Avtar transmits the practice of Shakti Dance® with inspiration and insight, facilitating an embodied experience of its fluid, nurturing depth. Her teaching helps connect the practitioner to Source, enhancing the expression of unique personal potential and sustaining the much-needed unfolding into wholeness, for planetary harmonyRead more

Sara Avtar is also offering an additional 40-Day Practice Package, in which she explains in deep the mantra meaning and its effects in the context of our current lives. Over a period of 6 Weeks, Sara Avtar shares a streamed series of 12 Guidance Videos (approx. 20 mins each). The Content of the Guidance Videos include:
More in-depth understanding for the integration and embodiment of the meaning;
✨ Deeper presentation of the energetic dynamics of the mantra;
✨ Explanation of how this practice supports the unfolding of our personal path in this age;
✨ A few Shakti Flowing Asana Exercises to practice as an optional optimal warm-up before the CC;
✨ Short affirmations and daily tasks to support the practice.

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This membership is designed for Shakti Dance® Certified Teachers to keep improving their teaching technique and depth of practice, connecting to Shakti Dance Community and expanding their unique vibration through classes and workshops.

✨ Access to Reserved Area with 50+ Didactic Videos

✨ Discounts on Online Activities worth €200+

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✨ Friendship, networking, and co-creation opportunities with the Shakti Dance members, which includes our most passionate and committed students.

✨ Private exclusive social network to connect with Shakti Dance Members across the globe.


This membership is designed for anyone wanting to return to the radiance and sacrality of their natural state.

✨ Discounts on Online Activities worth €200+

✨ Friendship, networking, and co-creation opportunities with the Shakti Dance members, which includes our most passionate and committed students.

✨ Private exclusive social network to connect with Shakti Dance Members across the globe.

Sara Avtar invites to 40 Practice

Introductory Webinar

” Emotions & Feelings “


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