Shakti Dance Mo(o)nday Special Session ❄️January – March 🌱

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Guided by Professional Shakti Dance® Teacher Trainer:
Satya Prem Jyoti – in English

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Shakti Dance Mo(o)nday Special Session

To attune with the moon and embody evolutionary cosmic energies

Shakti Dance with an Astrological Focus

Welcome to this special Shakti Dance course focused on integrating and embodying astrological wisdom into our yoga and dance practice. Our body is the principal channel where we can receive and alchemize the different qualities of the archetypical forces of the planets. If you are interested in learning and experience more about how we can align with the available cosmic energies, dance them and use them for our own evolution, then you will enjoy a lot these classes.

All Shakti Dance with Aspotological Focus Classes has been designed to bring empowerment and self-knowledge, through the astrological lunar energies combined with the healing and creative benefits of the Shakti Dance practice.

Since ancient times, human beings have developed their activities from the observation of celestial movements, and in the first place based on the observation of the lunar cycle: farmers have synchronized their work of planting and harvesting in relation to the different lunar phases and in the different lunar energies of the year.

In the same way, medicine men and women know how to collect and prepare different medicinal plants according to the different times of the year due to their different energetic qualities.

Without forgetting the deep relationship that exists between our menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle.

✨🌑✨We will meet at each New Moon to sow our seeds, sacred intentions, that we want to see flourish in our lives 

✨🌕✨And we will also meet on the Full Moon to share useful revelations on our path of growth.

 🌸We will use different techniques and tools: starting from the Shakti Dance as our fundamental practice, we will integrate Meditations of the Ovarian Breathing, ritual and artistic activities that will help us embrace and integrate lunar energies,

 💫✨So if you feel the call to deepen your relationship with the Moon, tune in to the cyclicality in your life, and evolve using the cosmic energies that the moon reflects on earth, you are welcome to join this beautiful workgroup, where together we are exploring and experiencing the effects of the Dance of the Moon in the sky and on the earth and within us.

Satya Prem Jyoti is a mother, anthropologist, yogini, dancer, traveler and music born in Rome but who lived in many parts of the world. She has been certified as a Shakti Dance teacher since 2008. She is also a certified Kundalini and Hatha Yoga teacher, specialized in Yoga for women, Yoga for pregnancy and postnatal. Passionate about dance since childhood, she has studied different dance styles throughout her life (classical, modern, oriental, tango, Afro-Brazilian, elf, traditional dance from southern Italy). In her travels in India she studies traditional Yoga and therapy. ayurvedic,. She is a certified facilitator of Ovarian Breathing and Female Alchemy with Sajeeva Hurtado, and is also a leader in the training of Dances of Universal Peace, in the Sufi Ruhaniat lineage. She currently lives in Ecuador and is helping to spread the teaching of Shakti Dance in Latin America, training workshops and SD Teacher Training.

✨ Access to the 6 video recordings of the online sessions to keep with your practice

Moon Cycles – January – March


FULL MOON in Cancer

NEW MOON in Aquarius



NEW MOON in Piscis


FULL MOON in Virgo

NEW MOON in Aries


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