Nadis Class with Sara Avtar

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In yogic anatomy, the Nadis are the subtle currents of Prana that flow throughout our physical body.

This Nadi sequence will help bring the life-force, the soul-currents of your spiritual being, into the manifest realm of your body. It will help you to connect deeply with and embody your soul-self – inviting your essential being to incarnate.

This sequence of Shakti Flowing Asanas, specifically stimulate the flow of Prana through the 14 Major Nadis. In the process, you will experience warm yet refreshing fountains of regeneration seeping through the cells of your body, harmonising the related anatomical systems of the body, while relaxing and calming your mind.

This is a deeply meditative class of Shakti Flowing Asanas that will release and illuminate some of the deeper unconscious recesses of your body, enlivening it with the vitality of your aware being and healing presence.

Benefits of the practice

✨Open your energy channels and flow of life-force

✨Gently restore and invigorate your inner organs and systems

✨Attune you to the subtle currents of your Spiritual Being

✨Deepen your breath, activating self-healing

✨Enhance mental clarity and aware Presence


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