Lakshmi Flowing Asanas – Natasha Siri Amrit

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Shakti Flowing Asana Sequence #1:
“Lakshmi ~ Power of Sustenance “Sourcing your Abundant Radiance”
Music & Movement Sequence, Presented by: Natasha Siri Amrit

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“Lakshmi Flowing Asanas”
Power of Sustenance “Sourcing your Abundant Radiance”

 ~ with Natasha Siri Amrit, Dunia Mladenić and Maša Vidmar  ~

Lakshmi is the Goddess of Luck, Abundance, Beauty, Love and Sensory De-Light. All of this is none other than the Natural Expression of our True Being. It is said that when we serve consciousness in its aspect as the Sustainer (personified by Vishnu and the male polarity of Lakshmi), then we are imbued with abundance through Lakshmi’s service. She represents abundant radiance, which is not about getting our ego’s wish-list met in a timely manner; but rather, it is about knowing that who we really are is abundant by itSelf. It is pure consciousness, pure potentiality.

Practicing Lakshmi Flowing Asanas:

Lakshmi is the sap of life, the abundance of vitality. Practicing Lakshmi flowing asanas in Shakti Dance®, we learn to open our vital channels (nadis) and rebalance our chakras and postural alignment, in order to permit an expanded ‘flow of spirit’. We then charge our electromagnetic field with this vital energy, increasing our radiance and majesty of presence. This in turn, gives us a healthy glow and a soft hue of beauty as we are uplifted by the light of the Beloved. As Spirit flows freely within us, so does the natural abundance of intuitive creativity in our movement.

Tuning to Lakshmi during the practice of Shakti Dance, can greatly enhance the experience of lightness and harmony in all aspects of our life, helping us to reach and fully express the destiny that has been written in the depths of our soul. Thus, Lakshmi aids us in our path of spiritual growth towards Self-Realisation and mergence, as we are liberated from our false conditioning into BEING who we really are.

A Sophisticated 25 Minute Series of Shakti Dance® flowing asanas to:  

✨Aligning with inner flow, allowing to feel the moment in pure presence

✨In a slow natural rhythm breathing to an accelerated vital movement

✨Opening vital channels and rebalancing chakras

✨Flowing with the natural laws of movement balancing the 5 tattvas

✨Attuning to Lakshmi‘s natural beauty, experiencing perception when the mind is cleansed from its conditioning and rests in pure awareness

✨Be in harmonious radiance with your life force, and the unfolding of your inner divinity

  • Natasha Siri Amrit
    • Natasha Siri Amrit is a dancer, choreographer, dance pedagogue, shakti dance and kundalini yoga teacher. She has been in love with dance since the dawn of time. Dance as an art form encompasses her life and career. Was educated at the Flemish Dance Academy in Bruges, Belgium. She graduated from the Slovenian Dance Academy. She is the author of many dance performances, has made countless choreographies, and been co-author of other creative projects with musicians, actors, photographers, and fashion designers. She has been teaching in the field of contemporary dance for all generations for last 30 years. For more than a decade practicing, teaching and shareing the knowledge of Shakti Dance and Kundalini yoga gives her even more deeper sense of peace and strength in her life journey. Read more

  • Dunia Mladenić
    • Dunia Mladenić, PhD has extensive experience in scientific work and in practicing yoga and meditation techniques in Europe and USA. Her research is in the field of Artificial Intelligence – Data Analytics including leading and managing international research projects, mentoring students and teaching at Master and Doctoral programs in Computer Science. She is a co-founder of the Quintelligence Company with the core business in transferring knowledge discovery expertise into products and services. She is a Kundalini Yoga Instructor and a Shakti Dance® – the yoga of dance Instructor teaching classes and applying the yogic technology in her professional and daily life. She co-authored many scientific papers and several books including the books on Leadership and Success based on Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®. She is organizing Kundalini Yoga workshops and Shakti Dance Teacher Training in Slovenia. Read more 

  • Maša Vidmar
    • From vastly different waters of life, I was slowly brought to Shakti Dance. Shakti Dance has (re)awakened my love for dancing, movement, body, nature and human beings, to the connection on the inside and outside, downwards and upwards. Shakti Dance helps me open my heart, surrender and let life run through. It takes me to new spiritual and geographical places. To walk my truth and trust life. I completed my teacher trianing level 1 in 2019.  Read more

  • Video#1 – 25 minute “Shakti Flowing Asanas” Music Video (without voiceover) (29:02)
  • Video#2 – Instructional Video – 25 minute “Shakti Flowing Asanas” with Voiceover (29:02)

(Please note: The online course is presented on a Private Group, and requires agreeing to daily interactive journalling. You will need a good internet connection to download this package. The 25min Flowing Asana Videos are 2.58GB each and may take a while to download.)

These music tracks are not included in the Flowing Asana Package – they belong to the Standing Exercises Package:

Adi Mantra – Album: Swara Rasa, by Saravtar

Mool Mantra – Album: Swara Rasa, by Saravtar

Toon Mayraa Sakhaa – Album: Swara Rasa, by Saravtar

Sat Siri – Album: Swara Rasa, by Saravtar

Location: King’s Private Garden Temple, Maheshwar, India – Thanks to Rewananda Yoga Ashram

Filming: Ankur Bairagi & Rk Creation

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For the deeper Lakshmi Experience, you can follow the Lakshmi Flowing Asanas  with the Laksmi Celestial Communication to Lakshmi’s version of the Mantra: “Om Shrim“.


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