The Inner Knower ~ Movement Meditation

We Invite You to Join Us!
✨Connect with Nature
✨Merge with your Inner Knower

With this practice you can: 
GIVE yourself time for care and…
ATTUNE your inner pulse with Nature’s cycles to flow in harmony:

🌸 MAIDENS generating the flowers of sacred women
🍑 MOTHERS procreating the fruits of joyful children
🌒 CRONES gestating the rooting seeds of new paradigms.

Co-existing within each of us is the creativity and wisdom of all seasons. As we move through life, we focus on and develop different stages of the cycle. Each stage unfolds with its own sacred potential and dimension – all continuously dialoguing with each other.

Attuning our inner nature with Nature’s outer phases, our innate path reveals itself, guiding us to our ever unfolding fulfilment of purpose. 

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