Prabh Kai Simran CC

Prabh Kai Simran Mantra is a verse from the Sukhmani Sahib, written in Raag Gauri, by Guru Arjan.

Its Raag, or musical ‘strain’, embodies a frequency of feeling that ‘Encourages perseverance of focus without pride’. It creates a receptive state, stilling and absorbing our mind to dwell ever more deeply in Presence.

The musical sentiment of this mantra can help us to go further and deeper in a process or relationship – in this case, with our True Self. It helps dispel distraction, enabling us to embody the qualities on which we focus. In this way we can conclude the cycle of success and experience full fruition in a relationship or undertaking.

The melodic composition in the strain of Raag Gauri, particularly enhances the frequency and meaning of this mantra.

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