Professional Trainer Annual License

45.00 VAT exc.

Renewing your Professional Trainer Annual License you AGREE TO THE TERMS listed below:

  • I understand that my Trainers’ License enables me to teach as a trainer in any Shakti Dance Level 1 Teacher Training, worldwide, for a period of 12 months from this date of this purchase.
  • I agree to follow and teach the Shakti Dance® Level 1 Teacher Training modules according to the SD L1 TT Curriculum.
  • I confirm that I do not have any physical, mental health or behavioural issues that could prevent me from performing appropriately as a Shakti Dance Academy Licensed Teacher Trainer.
  • I understand that before and after activating my licensing period, I will be considered inactive and no longer qualified to be part of an SD L1 TT team, as only active trainers may be part of a Trainer Team.
  • I agree to ensure that at the outset of each Training I sign a contract between the Training Program Affiliate and myself as Trainer, stipulating the terms for my payment and my duties as a Trainer
  • I confirm that I participate in, and refresh my training skills once every 2 years at the Shakti Dance Level 2 Teacher Training Retreats, with Sara Avtar. I understand that as a Trainer I am entitled to a discount of 24% off the regular SD L2 TT Retreat cost.
  • I agree not to teach Shakti Dance technology or its curriculum content in other trainings that are not licensed by the Shakti Dance Academy, without prior agreement with the Shakti Dance Academy.
  • I acknowledge the value of the the Shakti Dance Teachings and recognise that my fee to train, certify and license as a Shakti Dance Trainer does not entitle me to use the Shakti Dance® Teachings to create any other training based on those Teachings.
  • I understand that it is possible to create a Shakti Dance Speciality Training, with terms that are in accordance and agreement with the Shakti Dance Academy.