We Move As One ~ Celestial Communication

🌍Attunement to the Earth🌎

Have you heard and ever wondered about the expression, “With you in Spirit!”?

It may seem fanciful or esoteric, but being ‘together in Spirit’ is actually a very natural and common occurrence – although it happens mostly unconsciously.

Neuroscience studies ‘cognitive rhythms’ and  ‘communication through coherence’, a phenomenon by which information is passed between neuronal groups, as a result of synchronization. 

By extension, with each of us being a complex group of neurons, when we coordinate our breath, movement and song, we can also connect deeply with each other – communing through the coherence of our biorhythms.

Over this 75-day period, up until Spring Equinox, I will be sharing about the:

*Transiting Qualities of the Seasonal Year*

bringing more awareness to the rhythmic processes of our Mother Earth ~ as we move from the:

*Dark Deep Wisdom of the Winter, into the 
*Renewed Light of the Spring! 

Here, I will give you regular tips and prompts of ways to connect more deeply with our Earth’s natural flows.

This practice is open to everyone, but is particularly supportive for those who have just finished their Shakti Dance Teacher Training, or for Shakti Dance Teachers wishing to reconnect and refresh their teaching. Anyone interested in training to become a Shakti Dance Teacher will also find this a gentle yet profound introduction to the practice.

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  • 14 Lessons
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