Lakshmi Standing Exercises

Lakshmi is the Goddess of Luck, Abundance, Beauty, Love and Sensory De-Light. All of this is, none other than the Natural Expression of the True Being, with which She is Imbued. It is said that, when we serve consciousness in the aspect of a sustainer, personified in Vishnu, which is the male polarity of Lakshmi, then we are imbued with abundance as Lakshmi serves us. 

Lakshmi represents abundant radiance, which is not about getting our ego’s wish list met in a timely manner; it is knowing that who we really are is abundant by itself. It is pure consciousness, pure potentiality. Abundance can arrive in the form of friendships, wisdom, money, creative expression, good health, vitality, loving relationships, mental energy and enthusiasm, peace of mind, and in infinite other ways. However prosperity manifests, the point is, that these effects are the spontaneous outgrowths of inner spiritual awakening; they are not sought after for their own sake. Money, achievements, accolades – all of these are byproducts of life’s true gift: the unfolding of your inner divinity.

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