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Learn More About ❄️ Winter Rite of Rebirth into Wholeness ❄️

❄️ Winter Rite of Rebirth into Wholeness ❄️

3-Month Online Course

6th December 2023 – 6th March 2024

Stir Your Consciousness, Uplift Your Spirit & Unleash your Creativity…
Embodying Wholeness in the Cauldron of the Crone.

A Shakti Dance® Ritual for Regeneration with Sara Avtar

Are you ready to:
🌟Incarnate the whole-self you are destined to be?
🌟Co-create the new paradigm for the regeneration of humanity and our Mother Earth?

The Winter Odyssey is the first in this cycle, taking us through the Crone archetypes of the Goddess Shakti, into the emergence of Spring. Here, we present ‘Persephone’s Journey’ & ‘Cerridwen’s Chase’, and meet different faces of the Divine Feminine from different cultures, embodying the regenerative aspect of life’s cycles:

🕊Persephone (Greek)
🕸Hecate (Greek)
🪶Cerridwen (Welsh Celtic)
🔥Kali (Hindu)
🌚 The Cailleach (Irish Celtic)
💫The Elder Mother (European Folklore)
🦚Saraswati (Hindu)

About the Course

Embody your wholeness through the Practices of:

Attunement, Flowing Asanas, Standing Exercises, Free Dance, Guided Relaxation, Celestial Communication, Breath Meditation & Integration.

Life is a cascade of inner and outer cycles. Knowing where you are and understanding the energetic nuances in the arc of the cycle helps you better navigate, transform and align the cycles within, and without. This is the art of moving through life with evolutionary grace, authentic empowerment, and fulfilment. As we learn to do this, we mature and become ‘Wholly Embodied’.

Over the arc of this next Seasonal Solar Cycle, Sara Avtar is facilitating three archetypal Seasonal Journeys, as rites of passage to Embody your Wholeness, calling upon the Divine Feminine and the wisdom of Her transformative Shakti-Power. These three rites of passage include:

❄️The Autumn-Winter Passage
🌱The Springtime-Summer Passage
🌸The Summer-Autumn Passage

You will learn how these three Seasonal Rites of Passage can support your personal growth when embodied through the archetypal myths of the Divine Feminine.

Mythical journeys help us to access, process and liberate old narratives that no longer serve us. The passages through these goddess myths can help us unlock the deeper realms of our subconscious, so we can embody the archetypal gifts of the goddesses and our Great Mother Nature. These myths act as ‘Rituals for Regeneration’, helping us to rewrite our narrative and rebirth into wholeness.

The profound and invigorating practices of Shakti Dance invite you to feel into, listen and dialogue with old emotions and trauma trapped in your system. Guided by the narrative of myth and surrendering to the rhythm and stretch of these practices, you are carried through a cascade of ever-changing sentiment. This embodied narrative helps you access and melt contractions, liberate stuck feelings, recharge with vitality and realign with balance on all levels.

The transformational intent of these embodied myths helps open you to a more all-embracing capacity and perspective, as old limiting synaptic patterns are released and reorganised. This transformation helps you find the gift hidden within the shadows of the past and to reconnect with the wisdom of our indigenous ancestral heritage.

Opening for new inspirational energy, you can then craft and whole-heartedly birth a fulfilling matrix into the new cycle – embodying the innovation of your soul-intent.

This is a healing and renewing process, both on a personal level and in collective relationship with our Mother Earth.
As we step into wholeness, we can harmonise and heal the world!

The Goddess Myths of the Autumn-Winter are the archetypal keys enabling us to die with Mother Nature into the Winter and to release the old – so we can renew and regenerate into the New Year.

The ability to die with awareness and grace from one cycle into the next is an evolutionary capacity integral to the mature, wizened and integrated consciousness necessary to sustain life on Earth.

Traditionally, we have named this mature and wise archetype the Crone or the Elder. As a reflection of humanity’s level of emotional growth, this archetype has tended to be feared, shunned and disrespected.

At the Stillpoint of Winter Solstice – the alchemical Core of the Cauldron and fertile Womb of Creation – is where the wise Shakti-Power of all these Crone Goddesses unites and becomes available to you… assisting your maturation and transformational healing into wholeness.

3 Phases of the Winter Passage:
Three Phases of Shakti Dance® practices make up this Winter Rite of Passage:

1st Phase – 30 minute:
🕊Shakti Flowing Asanas, themed to ‘Persephone‘s Journey’;

2nd Phase – 30 minute:
🪶 Shakti Standing Exercises, themed to ‘Cerridwen’s Chase into the Cauldron’.

3rd Phase – 15 minute:
🦚 Mantra Movement Meditation, ’Sat Siri Akaal’, awakening to your great undying essence to ‘Weave Saraswati’s Creative Matrix’.

The choice of exercises and the sequencing of these three practice sequences have been carefully devised by Sara Avtar to energetically activate the related seasonal qualities, as well as to figuratively express the mythological narrative. This enables you to directly connect to the archetypal steps on an emotional level, as you move through this poignant, transformational Winter passage; experiencing how the old cycle dies into the new.

Throughout these practices Sara Avtar interweaves guided visualisations to her music, facilitating symbolic connections to your personal inner journey. This helps you to embody and integrate the experience viscerally, as you move through with focused intent.

The practice series, accompanied by self-study and journaling, are designed to help you transform, release and heal your inner child’s wounding with loving care. This process helps reclaim and reintegrate the disconnected unconscious areas of your life that have been trapped in pain and reined in by dysfunctional filters of suffering.

While the mythical journeys help you to access, process and liberate the old limiting narratives, the gentle and profound ‘Shakti Flowing Asanas’ help you to access their holding patterns, inviting you to feel into and dialogue with old emotions and trauma trapped in your body. These exercises help you melt the contractions caused by old feelings, stored in the deep muscle tissue and fascia. Transforming sub-conscious patterns will help you find the gift hidden within the shadows of the past, so you can rewrite your inner stories and open into wholeness.

The new inspirational energy activated through this practice then helps you to craft and whole-heartedly birth a fulfilling matrix into the new cycle – embodying the innovation of your soul-intent.

Through this journey, we learn to integrate our experiences for greater balance and harmony, both personally and in collective relationship with our Mother Earth.

Ritual for Regeneration
A Transformational Embodied Mythical Experience

🌟 This is a deep-dive into a profound psychophysical experience that will alchemically activate the frequency of your consciousness, aligning you with a new paradigm and your pivotal role within it.

🍁 This journey blends the myths of Persephone and Cerridwen with the dynamic qualities of Nature’s changing seasonal energies, as reflected in corresponding hexagrams of the Seasonal I-Ching. It is a transformative voyage that guides you through the old year’s cycle, into the stillpoint of Winter Solstice and then onward into the birth of the new cycle.

🌿 This Winter Journey of Renewal & Rebirth awakens your innate creative flow of Shakti, synchronizing it with the ebb and flow of the natural world.

🌚Through this passage, you’ll invoke the Divine Feminine, drawing on the Winter Archetypes, including Persephone, Hecate, Kali, Cerridwen, The Elder Mother and The Cailleach – each representing a different face of the Crone. You will learn how to tap into their virtues and gifts, so you are empowered to move into a space of renewal and new vibrational perspective.

📖Through Practice & Journalling, you’ll be facilitated to weave these timeless energies with your unique soul vibration and the distinctive frequency of your psyche. This prepares and opens you to incarnate the mature and wholly embodied ‘you’ that you’re destined to be.

💫 This is more than just movement sequences; it’s a spiritual odyssey that merges myth, movement, and meditation. It offers you a unique and transformative experience, unlocking the latent powers within you and propelling you towards your awakened Authentic Self.

🌌 Join us and step into the alchemical cauldron, where your consciousness will be stirred, your spirit uplifted, and your potential unleashed. You are invited to align with the frequencies of transformation and renewal.

Are you ready to embark on this profound journey of self-discovery and transformation?

Access to:

    • Structured Course Content: A 3-month guided online course, progressing step by step through themes, practices & activities.
    • Shakti Flowing Asanas: a 30-minute series themed to Persephone, relaxing, releasing old patterns, while activating & aligning you to Nature’s Seasonal Changes.
    • Shakti Standing Exercises: a 30-minute series themed to Cerridwen; a physical workout, moving you through the Elements to release what no longer serves you, while transmuting and refining your energy to a new vibrational frequency.
    • Mantra Movement Meditation: a 15-minute sitting choreography to the Mantra ‘Sat Siri Akaal’, helping you focus, envision and weave a new vibrational matrix for regeneration.
    • Guided Silent Meditation: a 7-minute Guided Silent Breath Meditation to activate and empower your new vision.
    • Short Instructional Videos: Short demonstration videos of the individual exercises in each series, with an explanation of their energetic effects and symbolic relevance.
    • Four Live Zoom Meetings & Recordings: from 19:30 to 21:00 on:
      • 6th December 2023 – Intro Webinar;
      • 8th January 2024 – Webinar Closing Persephone & Introducing Cerridwen 
      • 6th February 2024 – Webinar Closing Cerridwen & Introducing Saraswati’s Matrix
      • 6th March 2024 – Closing Celebration.
    • 3 Early Morning Group Online Practice Sessions (sadhanas), from 6:30-7:45 CET
      • Wednesday 20th December 2023
      • Wednesday 24th January 2024
      • Wednesday 21st February 2024
  • Community Support: a mutually supportive private group on the Academy website to share and exchange your insights with other Shaktis along the journey, held by Sara Avtar
  • Release & Self-Healing: Nurturing, releasing and healing the wounds of your inner child.
  • Self-Discovery: Discovering your inner depths to reveal hidden potential and your unique role in life’s grand tapestry.
  • Embodied Empowerment: Sourcing the Crone’s resilience, empowerment and maturity, while navigating the transition between cycles.
  • Transformation & Renewal: Discovering flow and grace as you learn to generate and vibrate with a new vision for your life.
  • Alchemical Awakening: Awakening to a new regenerative paradigm as you engage with your unique gift, purpose and contribution to the whole.
  • Physical and Spiritual Integration: Experiencing physical, mental and spiritual harmonisation through the combination of movement, myth, and meditation.
  • Archetypal Wisdom: Gaining insights into your own life journey by exploring the journeys of Persephone and Cerridwen.
  • Shakti Energy and Nature’s Rhythms: Deepening your connection with Shakti’s Energy and Mother Earth, as you align yourself with Nature’s Seasonal Energies.
  • Holistic Self-Transformation: Embracing a holistic approach to personal growth through the synergy of myth, movement, breath and meditation.
  • Wanting to combine your yoga practice and physical work-out with a joyful, artistically meaningful and life-enhancing ritual.
  • Seeking deeper self-discovery and a sense of purpose in life.
  • Ready to incarnate who you are destined to be.
  • Wanting to co-create the new paradigm for the regeneration of humanity and our Mother Earth.
  • Looking for the support of the Divine Feminine to embrace change and renewal.
  • Open to exploring the power of myth, movement, and meditation as tools for transformation.
  • Drawn to archetypal journeys and their connection to personal growth.
  • Called to align with the cyclical nature of life and develop a harmonious connection with Nature.
  • Willing to invest time and effort into a holistic approach for personal transformation.