Brahma Flowing Asanas

Creatively Envisioning the New Paradigm

This is a contemplative slow series of Shakti Flowing Asanas. We will be using the exercises to really slow down our mental activity, so the waves of the mind come almost to a standstill. This enables us to move into an absorbed state of union with Brahma, the Divine Mind.

From here, we can merge with Brahma’s creative vision, so we can bring a new creative matrix into our own lives and into the consciousness of humanity, envisioning and birthing a new paradigm.

This process is very topical for this time of year (January – February). In the Seasonal cycle, this is the time when we are moving into regeneration; creating, visualising the creative matrix for this next cycle.

We rearrange the DNA patterning and activate it within the seed that will later be giving forth roots and shoots in the Spring. The vision of that DNA patterning will then influence or dictate all of developmental growth of the plant to come in the next cycle and the fruits that it will give. 

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