Terms & Conditions of Shakti Dance® Level 1 Training Program

Terms & Conditions of Shakti Dance® Level One Training Program, 
International Hybrid Intensive, Gallese 2022

Shakti Dance Level 1 Certification Requisites:

  1. 180 classroom hours
  2. 45 hours of self-study* and written summaries
  3. Full payment of the Training Program fees
  4. Participation in at least 10 mornings of sadhana (2.5hour early morning practice), during the training program. Total of 25 hours. 
  5. In addition to the training program, attend 30 hours (1hr = 60mins) of Shakti Dance regular classes or workshops (practical not theory), with any previously Certified Shakti Dance teacher (prior to your training group). The time period given for this completion ranges from 3 months before training begins, until 6 months after the end of training.

    Online classes and workshops will be recognized only if purchased through Shakti Dance Academy and with a valid Academy certification of participation.

  6. Completion of any extra Self-Study Assignments in order to recuperate missed classroom hours**
  7. Completion of any Follow Up Tasks after the Practical Exam
  8. Pass the Shakti Dance® Level 1 Practical and Written Exams***
  9. Complete all the training requirements no later than six months after the end of the Training Program. An extension may be granted by official request to the program organizer and Shakti Dance Academy.
  10. The final decision for qualification lies with the Lead Trainer and the Shakti Dance® founder Sara Avtar Olivier.
  11. Insertion of Personal Teachers’ Profile Page in the Shakti Dance Academy Teacher’s Directory. NB: If this occurs later than 18 months after Teacher Training Program begin, renewal of Academic Membership will be necessary. 

*The 45 Hours of Self-Study include:

  1. Personal practice of specified yoga-asanas and Shakti Flowing-Asanas
  2. Personal practice of specified meditations and/or Celestial Communications,
  3. Keeping a diary of experience during the practice of specified meditations and/or Celestial Communications
  4. Personal practice of specified Standing Sequences and/or Mantric Choreographies
  5. Reading of course manual or hand-outs during the Program
  6. Background reading of suggested books
  7. Short essays of theoretical nature and summaries of diaries relating to personal experiences during the 40-day practice of Shakti Dance.

**Trainees may miss up to 4 days of training to be admitted to the practical exam, but they will have to be recuperated as per the instructions of the Trainer. Certificates will not be issued until all modules have been recouped – even if the exam has been passed.

***The Final Examination Consists of Practical Exam:

  1. Leading all or part of a Shakti Dance class
  2. Presenting a specified Shakti Dance Mantric Choreography
  3. Developing, presenting and leading a Celestial Communication
  4. Demonstrate answers to oral questions
  5. Trainees may also be given follow up tasks after the exam to be completed before qualification and
  6. A Written Exam – Answering a written exam at home by email.

General rule for missed training days during Shakti Dance Teacher Training Level 1:

In the case of emergencies, participants can miss 2 training days, which they may recuperate at home. This is only if these 2 days do not include Curriculum Days 3, 6 or 7 of the Physical Body. If one of these key days is missed, they must be recuperated in another teacher training or by purchasing the video recording of that Teacher Training Day. Participants recuperating missed course time at home will be set Self-Study Assignments and personal practice relevant to the course material. This will then be submitted as an extra certification requirement. If more than 2 days are missed, these will need to be recouped by attending another teacher training elsewhere or by purchasing the video recording of those Training Days.

In order to be admitted to the final practical exam, participants can miss a total of only 4 training days. Otherwise they will not have the necessary experience. These will need to be recuperated as above.

Certificates will not be issued until all modules have been recouped – even if the exam has been passed.

Regulation for Recuperation of Missed Modules

A participant is entitled to attend any missed modules at any future Shakti Dance® Level 1 Teacher Training, providing they can follow the language (or provided translation) in which it is taught.

A student, having paid the full costs to their original Shakti Dance® Level 1 Teacher Training Program, may then recuperate up to 4 days of missed modules at another training:

  • Live Presential Participation in Yoga Center – contributing only €25 per day to the host training program to cover organisation and seminar-room rental costs,
  • Online Participation via the Shakti Dance Academy, through Zoom – contributing €33,33 + VAT per day,
  • If available in the student’s language, through a Video Recording from the Shakti Dance Academy (available for 14 days) + homework  – contributing €41,67 + VAT per day. 

If the student needs to recuperate more than 6 days in a different training, then they will need to pay the full daily tuition costs of the of host training program to that host program for all the days they attend that exceed 6 days.

Any further travel or accommodation costs will also need to be paid for by the participant.

Generally, the Shakti Dance® Level 1 Teacher Training and certification should be completed within six months after the practical exam of the original training.
However, participants may ask in writing for an extension of time to the Affiliate/Organiser of their original training and the SD Academy Administrator. This time period can be extended for as long as is necessary, but the Academy does not take responsibility for following up on the student’s progress.

If the agreed extended time limit is exceeded without further written notification on the part of the student, then the student will no longer be eligible for certification.

Academy Membership:

The Tuition Fee for this Training Program includes a subscription for an initial 18-month Membership to the Shakti Dance® Academy. All Participants of this Training Program become Trainee Members of the Shakti Dance® Academy for the duration of the Training or up to 18-months after the subscription. All Academic Members of the Academy are eligible to access the Reserved Area of the Shakti Dance® Academy website. After this initial subscription, Academic Membership will be renewed on a yearly basis.

Qualified Shakti Dance® Teachers that are members of the Shakti Dance® Academy will be listed in, and promoted through the “Teachers’ Directory” of the Shakti Dance website (www.shaktidanceacademy.com). They will also be eligible to access the Reserved Area of the Shakti Dance® Academy website.

Certified Shakti Dance® Teachers who enrol as Members of the Shakti Dance® Academy may be granted authorization to access and to use the Academy’s promotional material.

Temporary Teaching Permit

Trainees that wish to practice teaching Shakti Dance® before receiving Level 1 Shakti Dance® certification may apply to their Lead Trainer, Program Organizer or Academy Administrator for a temporary teaching permit. In general, trainees may teach Shakti Dance on a non-professional basis during the training. After the practical exam and before receiving certification, students may be given temporary permission to teach professionally – for no more than six months. If the student has not certified by then, they no longer have permission to teach Shakti Dance®, until certification is acquired.

The Shakti Dance® trademark and/or logo must always be used in any publicity.

Training Materials:

The Tuition Fee includes a printed copy of the Shakti Dance Level 1 Teacher Training Manual©.

A selection of Shakti Dance Level 1 Teacher Training Didactic Videos© are available and accessible to Shakti Dance Academy Members, via online streaming in the Reserved Area.


The Shakti Dance Level 1 Teacher Training Manual© and Didactic Videos© are for personal usage and study only, and are subject to copyright laws. Any reproduction, publishing, hiring, lending or performance in whole or any part is strictly prohibited.

Tuition payment for the Shakti Dance Level 1 Teacher Training Program does not grant the right to record and/or own audio-video of all or any of the intellectual property of the training content shared during the program.

No video recordings of any part of the Shakti Dance® Level 1 Teaching Training Program is permitted during the program.

Written permission may be given by the Shakti Dance® Academy to an appointed person to record Audio-Video during the program if the recordings serve to update the Academy’s online Didactic Training Materials.


All Terms & Conditions of this Shakti Dance® Level 1 Teacher Training Program and agreed to herewith in this Application Form Contract shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with Italian Law. The parties irrevocably agree that the Courts of Italy shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise out of, or under, or in connection with this Shakti Dance Level 1 Teacher Training Program and its Application Form Contract. Any dispute of rules, regulations, or the legal relationship established between the parties, and for those purposes, shall be irrevocably submitted to the jurisdiction of the Italian Courts.

A Shakti Dance® Level 1 Teacher Training Affiliate is entitled to suspend, transform the modality of, or terminate the performance of its obligations under this Agreement when certain circumstances beyond their control arise, making performance inadvisable, commercially impractical, illegal, or impossible. The list of circumstances / events is set out in the Schedule below;

– Schedule – War, riots, fire, hurricane, typhoons, earthquake, lightning, explosion, strikes, pandemics, lockdowns, prolonged shortage of electricity supplies, acts of state or governmental action, prohibiting or impeding any party from performing its respective obligations under the contract and an Act of God.