Om Shrim – Saravtar

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Om Shrim
Lakshmi’s Power of Sustenance ~ “Sourcing Abundant Radiance”
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Om Shrim – 7 minutes
Single Music Track: “Om Shrim”, by Saravtar 

This is a single release from Saravtar’s upcoming Album: “Swaha ~ Fruition”.  
This track is the radiant expression of the mantra that calls upon the energy of the Indian goddess of abundance, Lakshmi. To enhance the vibration of Lakshmi, this music has been created together with a Celestial Communication and Mantric Choreography, also by Sara Avtar, which you can find to practice together with this music – in the YouTube video link below.

Percussion grooves from tabla, udu, caxixi, talking drum, and shekere played by master musicians in concert with exquisite guitars, basses, keys, and sarod, all delicately interwoven to support Saravtar’s celestial-sweet and bluesy voice, under the guiding arrangement of Eric Forrest.

This Mantra Calls on:  
Lakshmi’s Power of Sustenance ~ “Sourcing Abundant Radiance”

Sanskrit Mantra:
Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha 

Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha

* “Salutations to the great Goddess Lakshmi, personification of the sustaining energy.” 
* “Salutations to she who manifests every kind of abundance.”

Each word in the mantra has significance: 
* Shreem is the seed-sound of Lakshmi’s energy or abundance. 
* Maha is a Sanskirt word meaning “great.” 
* Lakshmiyei is the formal name of the goddess. 
* Namaha is a salutation that means “I bow, or tune to you.”

Sometimes the mantra ends with Swaha rather than Namaha. The difference is subtle, but Swaha is a salutation that means “I testify”, or “It is so, as it the call is heard and comes to fruition”.

Released: ©2019 – Preview from Upcoming Album: “Saha ~ Fruition”
Genre: Sanskrit Mantra.


Om Shrim – Celestial Communication / Mantric Choreography:


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