Embodying Wholeness 3-Day Webinar

Embodying Wholeness 3-Day Webinar, with Sara Avtar
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An Introduction to Seasonal Rites of Passage:

You will learn how Seasonal Rites of Passage can support your personal growth when embodied through the archetypal myths of the Divine Feminine.

Are you ready to:

🌟Incarnate the whole-self you are destined to be?
🌟Co-create the new paradigm for the regeneration of humanity and our Mother Earth?

Throughout this 3-Day Webinar, Sara Avtar shares specific Shakti Dance practices to give you a taste of the wisdom at the heart of this teaching. These practices will help you embody the experience, both symbolically and energetically, as a healing rite of passage.

Day 1: NAVIGATING LIFE’S EBB & FLOW – Wednesday 29th November 2023

Day One presents an overview of the Cycle of Wholeness and its transformational landmarks. You will learn how this map can be used to navigate the flow of inner and outer orbits, so you can live and move in synchronistic harmony with their tides, rather than swim against them.


DAY 2:  OPENING TO THE GIFTS OF THE GODDESS ~ Thursday 30th November 2023

Day Two demonstrates how to give a meaningful and personal context to a cyclic process through archetypal myth. It explains how to recognise the landmarks along your inner and outer journeys and thereby discover and access the hidden gifts of the Divine Feminine at each stage.