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“Swadharma” your Rhytmic Orbity 8-Month Transformational Online Group Practice Course with Sara Avtar start on 29th May 2021 but you can join any time
What Happens if I Start Late?
If you are just starting the practice, or feel you want to start again because you missed some days, that is no problem: just begin your post now with Day 1!
What Happens if I Miss a Day of Practice?
You can choose to start again from Day 1 for the full benefits. However, to keep your momentum and motivation, I would advise you to continue where you are, and either practice the following day both in the morning and then again in the evening – or you just continue the next day and add an extra day at the end of the 40 Days!
✨Cycles of Practice:
At the end of the 40-days Practice, you may decide that you want to continue to complete 90-days, 120-days or even 1000-days Practice.
Each cycle takes you further into the practice-themes of the first 40-days, as you revisit them on ever-deepening levels – like a progressive spiral inwards to the Source:
Practicing for 40 days:
Practicing for 90 days:
Practicing for 120 days: