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“Swadharma ~ Your Rhythmic Orbit” is an 8-Month Course.
It consists of 8 x Online Workshops of 3.5-hours.
After each Workshop, I will give you a transformational practice, as an optional follow up homework, requiring 10 – 20 mins daily.
Each month you will receive a different Homework Practice, which you are invited to follow up for approx. 30 days, until the next month’s practice.
These practices are designed to facilitate your embodiment of the unfolding course themes, helping you to find and walk your own true path, in health and balance. The practices are also intended to prompt you to bring forth the gifts you have to share with the world, in meaningful and fulfilling ways.
Please document, support, and enrich each of your daily practices by:
Posting a photo of yourself on this Private Group FB Page, declaring your intent to follow that particular practice – adding your daily comments underneath.
Each post will represent your personal diary for the duration of that specific practice. Underneath your post, please write a comment for each day of that practice.
Over a period of approximately one month, you can add your approx. 30 daily comments under each Practice-Post – one for each day.
At the end of this course, you might have 8 x Posts for the 8 different Homework Practices.
Others in this group should not generate any direct ‘comments’ under your personal diary post, but can ‘reply’ to any of your comments.
Please feel free to also:
Comment on Generic Posts, e.g. those with excerpts from the monthly workshops.
Looking forward to sharing this unfolding transformation with you all.
Blessings and love
Sara Avtar🌿🌸