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You are warm-heartedly encouraged to share your progress with us here on this FB Page with your diary-post and daily comments!🤗🌸
It is inspiring to read each other’s posts and to sense the differences and similarities in our transformational process and progress.
It also enables me to be in direct contact with you, to give support and feedback if appropriate and to respond to your experiences when creating the next videos. 🌟
What Happens if I Start Late?
If you are just starting the practice, or feel you want to start again because you missed some days, that is no problem: just begin your post now with Day 1!
What Happens if I Miss a Day of Practice?
You can choose to start again from Day 1 for the full benefits. However, to keep your momentum and motivation, I would advise you continue where you are, and either practice the following day both in the morning and then again in the evening – or you just continue the next day and add an extra day at the end of the 40 Days!
Our practice together is a most wonderful and important way of building and maintaining our Shakti Dance Sangat! Especially, given that we all live in different countries around the world and it is not easy to all gather in a live event.
Progressing in this way together, reflects the choices you have made to be a part of this particular practice and the frequency that we weave and co-create creates a coherent uni-son!
You end up having a similar vibration to the others following this practice, because we are all making the same kinds of commitments, are doing the same kind of study, the same kind of homework, and are experiencing the similar kinds of processes!
With this initiative, we are creating a vibrational infrastructure of community. And ‘community grants immunity’ because spiritual community grants immunity from the lower frequencies of life.
Looking forward to feeling everyone’s Presence through the medium of this FB Page – for the connection and mutual nourishment of the processes and insights you share!
Thank you, waves of Grace and blessings 🤗💖🥰