Shakti Dance Level 2, 2023

Shakti Dance® International Teacher Training

Level 2

"The Graceful Art of Coherence"

Live Intensive in Gallese, Italy

7th - 13th August 2023

This year we will come together to attune our hearts and biorhythms to the Solar and Lunar Cycles and thereby harmonise more deeply with the flows of Nature.

We will work with rhythmic, elemental and archetypal qualities, informed by the Seasonal I-Ching, to discern and release our incoherent shadows lurking at the root of our dissonance.

Throughout, we will anchor our intent and its unfolding to align with Nature’s overarching cycles through mystical, nature-based ceremony.

And coming into coherence, we will open and reflect deeply on the enhanced radiance of our shared presence, bathing in the sweetness of our own Being, as we recognise Her love in all.

Enhancing the Full and Vibrant Expression of Creative Being

Shakti Dance® is the point where yoga and dance meet – transforming dance into yoga. Here, dance becomes a conscious practice, heightening awareness and unfolding into yogic union.

In this Dance of Life, we live as individual vibratory fields in a swirling mass of vibrations. Our health, vibrancy and wellbeing depend upon how the vibrations in these fields are aligned and harmonised. As the yoga of dance, Shakti Dance® facilitates balance and harmony, using a three-fold synergy of rhythmic breath, movement and sound – together with sensory awareness, or mindfulness.

“The soul is reflected and expressed through our dance when we are in most intimate contact with that Being that animates us.” ~ Sara Avtar​

Experience of a Lifetime 

This Shakti Dance® Teacher Training journey leads you to a place of true enchantment. Becoming part of a vibrant group, charged with spiritual energy, you can discover and unfold new self-nurturing aspects of yourself.

Express your Creativity

You will gain an increased sense of vitality and inner spaciousness through the harmonious alignment of your Shakti energy.  Your meditative state of peaceful presence is enhanced, so Shiva can blossom through Shakti, and organically express your inner potential.

Connect with your Inner Self 

Through this conscious yogic practice, you will increase your sensitivity and intuition, unfolding greater insight and inner guidance.  

Connect with your Self-healing Power

You will experience how this practice massages your body, releasing tension and blockages in your fascia. Your body and mind will be liberated from deep conditioning, relaxing stress, for self-healing and renewal – opening out into a peaceful, aware state and a gracefully flowing life.

Deepen your Personal Practice

The Teacher Training Program will help you take your yoga practice to a whole new level. By learning advanced techniques and poses from our experienced Trainers you will improve your personal practice and learn how to guide others to experience benefits from this discipline.

Improves Quality of Life

As you develop your daily Shakti Dance routine you will feel increased mental and physical energy, boosting your alertness and enthusiasm, diminishing negative feelings.

Sara Avtar
Shakti Dance® Founder

I’m British born in Edinburgh, educated in London and qualified in Germany, currently living in Italy. I am a life-long dancer and Originator of Shakti Dance®️ ~ The Yoga of Dance. I have practiced and trained in various styles of yoga and meditation since 1987, certifying as a Yoga Alliance / E-RYT 500 Kundalini Yoga Lead Teacher Trainer and Sat Nam Rasayan Healer.
Along the way, my inspiration has been sourced from Sufism, Theravadha Buddhism, Tai Chi, Qi Gong and an array of different dance and movement styles, all of which have found confluence and synthesis in the unfolding practice of Shakti Dance®️.
Studying Naturopathy in Germany and training to be Art and English School-Teacher at the Goethe University, Frankfurt, was a foundational experience for creating and writing the Curriculum & Manual for the Shakti Dance®️ Teacher Training Program, first launched in 2005.
I am a Mother and CEO of the Shakti Dance Academy and have trained hundreds of Shakti Dance®️ Teachers all over the globe, including a talented team of Teacher Trainers.
Alongside dance, I love to compose music and sing, and have released six albums to date, with mantra-music for Shakti Dance®️: “Shakti Lila”, “Merging”, “Swara Rasa“, “Waves of Grace“, “Swaha” & “Release“. – available on the Shakti Dance®️ Academy.
Through spontaneous playfulness and spiritual practice I have found Self-support and empowerment as a woman and mother. My intention is to share this inner resource with others, transforming art into yogic technology – combining harmoniously dance, breath and song with awareness, for the vital expression of peaceful Presence.
Through teaching Shakti Dance®️, I love to help others savour the nurturing depth of their Being, while holding space for deep release and the much-needed unfolding into wholeness, for planetary harmony. Read More

Dates of Level 2 Shakti Dance Teacher Training:
Arrive: evening of 7th August 2023
Departure: evening of 13th August 2023
Lovely country house Giulia di Gallese in Italy

Retreat Costs*:
Early-Bird Price
for 6 Retreat Days with Payment before 1st July 2023:
€400 for Academic Members
€460 for Non-Academic Members

Regular Price for 6 Retreat Days with Payment after 1st July 2023:
€460 for Academic Members
€510 for Non-Academic Members

*€25 for certification for those Shakti Dance Level 1 Teachers who are interested to follow the Training with homework
* Academic Members are those whose membership is active and paid on yearly basis

Accommodation & Food Costs (shared room):
 – for 6 x L2 Retreat Days 

The price includes: 

  • 6 days accommodation in shared rooms
  • 3 times a day vegetarian meals
  • pick up from the train station in Gallese
  • access to the outdoor pool 

Support Form (#10)

This Level 2 Retreat is primarily for Shakti Dance® Teacher Trainees or Certified Teachers. Certified Level 1 Teachers may gain a Level 2 Certification for this module on fulfilment of the requisites. Teacher Trainees must certify as Level 1 Teachers before qualifying for this module’s Level 2 Certification.

We have a few places open to those who are neither Teacher Trainees nor Certified Teachers. Please inquire before sending your Application Form or making Payment – and await confirmation.You would not be eligible for certification, nor Academic Membership, so your Retreat Cost would be that of a Non-Academic Member.

SDTTL2 Gallese 2023

Shakti Dance® Level 2 Teacher Training
 Live Retreat in Gallese, Italy

This contract is between ‘Energy Center Le Torrette’ as Official Licensed Organizer by Shakti Dance Academy


Please, notice there is an extra fee 25 for the certification and shipping

Information and Enrolment 

The Dates of the Training Program are as follows:

August, 7-13
~ Live Format ~

Arrival 7th August afternoon – Departure 13th August afternoon

Please note: If it is not possible to carry out some modules in live presence due to a national lockdown, or even regional lockdowns that prevent most of the members of the program from participating in live format, the planned live modules will also take place online, without this giving the right to a partial reimbursement of the cost of the training. 

Terms of Payment

Early Bird – Enrolment before 1st June 2023

  • €400 for Shakti Dance Members (active yearly membership)
    €460 for Non-Academic Members

Regular Price – Enrolment after 1st June 2023

  • €460 for Shakti Dance Members (active yearly membership)
    €510 for Non-Members

*€25 for certification for those Shakti Dance Level 1 Teachers who are interested to follow the Training with homework

Please notice payment of complete tuition is obligatory even in the event that you withdraw your participation from the Teacher Training at any point, for any reason.

Accommodation Cost

The total residential cost for food and accommodation varies depending on the different accommodation options. Please ask for more details.

Accommodation payments will be paid directly to the venue at residential retreats.