Shakti Dance® Free Taster Class: Experience your ‘Presence & Vibrant Being’

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Free Taster Class Available till 5th April





Hello! Welcome to this Full 8-Phase Shakti Dance® Taster Class, which is available to you for 1 Week!

This Taster is to help you get a feel for what this practice is, and how it works.
So, here an overview of the practice of Shakti Dance®:

As the Yoga of Dance, it is a practice that helps to bring us into deep union with ourselves. This means it helps us to embody the Vibrant Spirit we really are, so that we, as Creative Being, can come fully into the body and to be present – and thereby to find harmony. And in finding harmony, also to release our blocks.

We release what we are not, to become essentially what we are; to awaken to the reality of our Being, so that we can be present in life and enjoy the flow, with all its ups and downs. So, we can find creative ways to adapt to the way life is unfolding and to meet it with openness and agility.

So, Shakti Dance® is also very good to keep us physically open and flowing and flexible. Through this practice, our Pranic Energy, our vital force, is balance to help reduce stress, keeping us in good health and well-being.

This Taster Class, consists of the general Eight Phases of a Shakti Dance® Class:

1. The Attunement, or Tune-In
2. Flowing Asanas,
3. Standing Exercises,
4. Free Dance,
5. Relaxation,
6. Movement, Meditation,
7. Still Meditation and
8. The Closing Phase

Throughout this wave we create with the Eight Phases, there is an unfolding process. With the Attunement, we open ourselves for the Being we are inviting in, becoming receptive to listen to its Inner Guiding Creative Pulse.

Through the gentle, slow Flowing Asanas we begin to self-massage our body, opening the current of our life-force, so that Inner Being can really unfold.

As we come to the Standing Exercises, we charge this vital force, increasing its intensity so we can feel its radiance and the vibrance of our aliveness.

We are then ready for the Free Dance, as we are now charged, feeling how it spins us off and carries us. Here, we really have the opportunity to express ourselves, going on inner journeys, where insights for our daily-life may arise.

In the following Relaxation, we integrate what we’ve activated in the previous phases…

With the Celestial Communication or the Movement Meditation, we realign our energies, which brings us into a harmonized balance, after all have experienced in the previous phases…

This alignment also helps us to enter more easily and directly into the following Still Meditation. After all of the movement of Shakti, we can come into the stillness of Shiva – where we can really bathe in our deeper Being and receive its healing and benefits.

The final Closing Phase balances our chakras, protecting our intimate space, for when we return to our daily life.

This is what we will practice together in this Taster Class. So, I hope you have a mat that you can join me on, and we will begin together.

If you enjoy this class, you are warmly invited to join us for the:
40-Day Community Practice of this Class and its Phases.

If you feel the calling to train as a Shakti Dance® Teacher, join us for an Upcoming Level 1 Shakti Dance® Teacher Training Program:
International Intensive Program
Finnish Program

Looking forward to moving and dancing with you.
Blessings and Love
Sara Avtar

If you feel the calling to train as a Shakti Dance® Teacher, join us for an Upcoming Level 1 Shakti Dance® Teacher Training Program: