Embodying the Wisdom of Nature through Shakti Dance®

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“Embodying Nature’s Wisdom through Shakti Dance®”

This series of Shakti Dance® Exercises follows the natural stages of change of an Archetypal Plant throughout its yearly cycle – i.e. one that:
✨ Germinates and shoots in the Spring,
✨ Flowers in the Summer,
✨ Fruits in the Autumn and
✨ Releases its seeds again into the Winter.

This practice is interwoven with the Wisdom of the I Ching Hexagrams, arranged according to their binary pattern. Thus, the yearly cycle of growth is subdivided into 64 stages.

We begin our journey in this Group with the 1st Binary Hexagram, reflecting the energy at Summer Solstice, with a Video-Post with an Introduction & Practice to activate:
✨ Hexagram Number 1: INCISIVE INTENT
(traditional number 43)
✨ In transit from:
21st – 25th July
and we will continue through the stages of Nature’s unfolding with 21 videos for each Hexagram’s step of change, once every 4.5 days, up until the Autumn Equinox – on 21st September 2022.

You will receive:

✨ food for thought about the different stages of plant growth and be prompted to see how, in each unfolding moment, these images of growth are also reflected in the unfolding of your own life, lending deeper insight to your own personal process and progress through life.
✨ A Shakti Dance® Exercise given by its founder Sara Avtar that activates and balances the corresponding energy of each of these phases of growth.
For Shakti Dance® Teachers, this gives an extremely useful repertoire of movements, with a deeper understanding of their qualities, to incorporate in their own classes.

To honour this sharing, Sara Avtar asks that you interact often with these video posts, reacting with an emoticon, or even better sharing how you experience the different phases of change and their corresponding exercises.

Thank you for your participation.



✨ Helps to fine tune you to Nature’s Yearly Cycle
✨ Helps you resonate meaningfully with passages of seasonal growth in plant life
✨ Unlocks and infuses you with Nature’s wisdom
✨ Gives you a series of specific Shakti Dance® exercises by which to attune yourself
✨ Supports you to harmonise the flow of your life
✨ Develops an attitude of trust and relaxation into your Source
✨ Helps you identify the areas of your life currently experiencing blockage
✨ Gives deeper insight into the archetypal and mythical imagery interwoven with your unfolding
✨ Facilitates the release of body related blockages in your fascia
✨ Enables Nature to blossom through your unique blueprint
✨ Helps you develop an empathic and caring connection with yourself and all life
✨ Facilitates your ability to contribute and readdress balance on this Earth


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