Goddess Cycle – Bali Retreat

The Goddess Cycle:

Embodying the Changing Faces of the Goddess for Wholeness

Embracing a multi-cultural array of goddesses, embodying Birth, Life, Death & Rebirth – and all the stages in between!

Are you ready to:

Life is a cascade of inner and outer cycles. Knowing where you are and understanding the energetic nuances in the arc of the cycle helps you better navigate, transform and align the cycles within, and without. This is the art of moving through life with evolutionary grace, authentic empowerment, and fulfilment. Learning to do this, we mature and become ‘Wholly Embodied’.

As we navigate Life’s Cycle, elements shift, giving rise to varied qualities in each moment. Personifying these moods as archetypal goddesses through Movement & Dance enriches our experience of Life’s cyclic phases. Embodying these qualities mirrors archetypal dynamics, aiding our understanding of ever-changing experiences. 

Consciously moving through these phases with goddess archetypes integrates lessons, fostering balance on our path. Moments, both unique and relevant to the whole, become luminous thresholds, offering a Rite of Passage for Spirit’s unfolding throughout our lives and the world. With goddess archetypes, we align with timeless cosmic cycles, unlocking ancestral wisdom to process shadows, mature, and evolve wholly. This self-discovery journey allows us to co-create, grow, and embrace the full spectrum of human experience, offering life’s fruits to sustain and nourish future generations.

About Shakti Dance®

To embody the Goddess Cycle we will use the practices of Shakti Dance®, “The Yoga of Dance” – a fusion of breath, motion, sound, and mindfulness. Immerse yourself in flowing asanas, rhythmic breathing, energizing dance exercises, and mandala movement meditation. Using mythic ritual, unlock the goddess’s seasonal faces for holistic transformation & healing, contributing to collective healing and a sustainable future.

Bali’s Spirituality

The unique spiritual atmosphere in Bali is coloured by its many varied cultural practices and the beliefs. The Balinese actively engage in rituals, ceremonies, and intricate art forms, creating an environment that feels like a bridge between the seen and unseen. This, coupled with the island’s natural beauty, contributes to a sense of tranquillity and openness, making it easier to feel connected to the divine and archetypal energies. It’s a special synergy of culture and nature that will support our connection to the cyclic energies of the goddesses.

6:30 – 8:00 Early Morning Practice
8:30 – 10:00 Breakfast
10:00 – 13:00 Morning Session
13:00 – 15:30 Lunch
15:30 – 18:30 Afternoon Session
19:00 – Dinner

Sara Avtar is a renowned figure in the world of yoga and dance. She is the originator of Shakti Dance®, a transformative practice known as “The Yoga of Dance.” Sara Avtar has dedicated her life to exploring the connection between movement, self-expression, and spirituality. With extensive training in various styles of yoga, meditation, and dance, she has developed Shakti Dance® as a means to empower people to connect with their bodies, unlock their creative potential, and cultivate a deeper sense of presence and harmony. Sara Avtar’s teachings have inspired practitioners worldwide and have made a significant contribution to the evolution of embodied spiritual practices. Read More


Marta (Araygua) was born in Barcelona, Spain.
My spiritual path has always been related to living life as a Work of Art.
At the age of 17 I discovered Mayan Cosmology, I studied and deepened this knowledge until it became a natural and organic guide within me and it has marked a magical path in my walk.
This openness led me to find a powerful teaching that has helped me immensely in my growth, Kundalini Yoga.
I trained in this teaching and I also dedicated myself to giving classes and workshops in centers in Barcelona, Terrassa, Ibiza, Bali and specific retreats in various places in Spain.
My teacher developed a teaching called Golden Planetary Tantra based on all the knowledge she received during the course of her life (Kundalini Yoga, White Tantra, dance and exploration with the body, Osho Meditations, performance) which I practiced for many years.
Kundalini Yoga gave me a very deep and intimate awareness in my life. During all those years I was organizing many retreats and workshops for her as well.
While I continued training in Kundalini Yoga, I also investigated other interesting fields such as Harmonic Chanting, Butoh Dance, Art Therapy (I completed 2 years of training) and Bodypainting.
Art is what has given meaning to my life, it has given it relevance. I have always liked dancing, painting bodies, making costumes, posing for designers/painters and have performed in various Transformational Festivals around Europe and Indonesia.
In 2012 I discovered Shakti Dance and started Teacher Training. Yoga and dance have always lived inside me but when I found Shakti Dance this union was clarified and consolidated. As a Shakti Dance teacher I teach workshops in different parts of the planet and I am also part of the International Team of Shakti Dance Trainers. I took Shakti Dance to Chile – Germany (Frankfurt) and Bali in addition to working as a Trainer in the Trainings of Hungary, Alicante and Barcelona. I feel very honored to be part of this beautiful community and share these harmonious and elevated teachings.
In addition to Shakti Dance I have always offered Mayan Cosmology workshops for beginners and advanced as well as personalized readings. In 2019 when I lived in Bali I created a Yoga – Dance and Goddess clothing line called Omayaspirit.
Currently I have worked on the creation of an artistic show of light, sound and movement that was presented at the Open Heart Festival. Currently I have trained in the technique of Thetahealing – basic and advanced quantum healing. Currently I combine the artistic and spiritual world with the business world.

Opening Ceremony – Aligning with Cosmic Energies:

  • Shakti Flowing Asanas & Celestial Communication to attune participants to the cosmic dance of archetypal patterns.
  • Ritual invoking the goddess energies corresponding to the energies and phases of the Seasonal Cycle.

Sacred Journeys – Connecting with Archetypal Goddesses: 

  • Guided Meditations themed around the 12 goddesses and their developmental stages within the cosmic cycle.
  • Integration of aromas and healing practices linked to each goddess, facilitating a psychophysical experience.
  • Shakti Dance session embodying the changing faces of the goddess for personal and collective wholeness.

Shakti Dance Sessions – Embodying the Goddess Qualities for Transformation & Healing:

  • Activating the archetypal qualities of the goddess – embracing the shadow to access the gift.
  • Using different dance rhythms to harmonize energies.

Nature Immersion – Elemental Harmony:

  • Retreat activities held in natural settings, aligning with the subtle energies of Bali.
  • Elemental rituals acknowledging the harmony between nature and the goddess.

Closing Ceremony – Integration and Blessings:

  • Integration practices to anchor the transformative energies into our daily lives.
  • Closing ceremony expressing gratitude and blessings for the collective journey.

Our retreat will be held on the heart of Ubud in a magnificent Eco Resort that is a sanctuary for Healing and Sustainability. It is a hidden village in Paradise. A place to enjoy the wonderful abundance of life in one of the most beautiful spots on the world: Bali.

Accommodation & Room Prices at Swasti:

Traditional Rooms with Fan: IDR 1,295,000 (approx €75 – €80) per night for double or single occupancy  https://wa.me/p/4979410645506305/6281139610144

Deluxe Cottages with AC: IDR 1,500,000 (approx €85 – €90) per night for double occupancy

All room prices include breakfast.

If you want to book a room, you can contact them directly hotelswasti@hotmail.com, the price is cheaper than if you book through booking.com or another agency.

You can have a look at their website as well: www.baliswasti.com

Menu and Configurations:

The buffet menu is flexible and can be tailored to participant restrictions or special requests. For groups of fewer than 10 people, we offer a “Family Style Buffet,” while groups of 10 or more will enjoy a standard buffet.

The price buffet is 180,000 IDR (approx €10 – €15) per person.

Holistic Spa at Swasti

You can enjoy the relaxing, healing and rejuvenating treatments they offer with much dedication and love.

Other Accommodation options nearby the Retreat Location

Mekenyem House Ubud
+62 0821-4463-2276

Mawa House

Outpost Ubud
+62 0812-6221-9434

Mano House: Homestay
+62 0812-3883-3553

Loka Pala Villa
+62 361972934

Here is also a website where you can check all the hotel options in Bali.

Travel from Airport to Swasti Eco Cottages:

The Swasti airport service utilizes 7-seater cars, including the driver. Typically, the third row is designated for luggage space, allowing for a maximum of 4 persons per car.

The cost per car way is IDR 500,000 (approx €30)

Visa On Arrival:

Visa on Arrival is available at the international Bali Airport and costs IDR 500,000 (approx €30). This is not included on the retreat costs.

If you have any other questions about the logistics of the retreat, please contact:
Araygua: araygua224@gmail.com

The Deposit is 50% the Retreat Price and is non- refundable

Early Bird with Payment before 1 st April 2024
One Time Payment: 500€ + VAT

(250€ + VAT of which is a non-refundable deposit)

Regular Bird with Payment before 1st June 2024
One Time Payment: 600€ + VAT
(300€ + VAT of which is a non-refundable deposit)

Sleepy Bird with Payment after 1 st July 2024
One Time Payment: 700€ + VAT
(350€ + VAT of which is a non-refundable deposit)

Payment Overview for the Whole Program:

500€/600€/700€ + VAT for the 6 Day Retreat (Prepaid to Shakti Dance Academy)

€228 for the Optional 4 Day Tour (50€ Deposit Payable to Araygua & 178€ Payable on Site)

€75 – €90 accommodation per night (to be paid separately, directly to Swasti Eco-Resort, or chosen accommodation site)

€20 – €30 food per day for lunch & dinner (breakfast is included in accommodation price). To be paid on site.

Payments are to be made after the Application Form has been submitted, after which payment info will be sent via email. 

Bali Retreat 2024 (#56)

Shakti Dance® Retreat in Bali

“Embodying the Changing Faces of the Goddess for Wholeness”

Led by Sara Avtar & Marta Araygua

25 th – 31 st of July


Life is a cascade of inner and outer cycles. Knowing where you are and understanding the energetic nuances in the arc of the cycle helps you better navigate, transform and align the cycles within, and without. This is the art of moving through life with evolutionary grace, authentic empowerment, and fulfilment. Learning to do this, we mature and become ‘Wholly Embodied’.

This Enrollment Agreement is between Shakti Dance Academy LLP and:

We will be located in Ubud

1st – 4th August inclusive

Daily Schedule:
Generally from 8.30 am – 5 pm or sunset depending on visiting location

We will be escorted by a special guide throughout the Tour.

Discover some of Bali’s natural and cultural wonders on this enchanting 4 Day Tour. Especially organised for the participants of the Goddess Cycle, exploring the Different Faces of the Feminine..
We will visit ancient temples and head out to the one of the most splendorous beaches in the South of Bali. We will enjoy exhilarating views from Istana Cliff and watch a magical Sunset from the Cliff of Uluwatu. We will go to one of the prettiest Waterfalls in Bali, enjoy traditional Balinese dances and much more…


1st Day

Tirta Empul: Water Purification

Enjoy the Ritual Water Cleanse

Lempuyan Temple: The Doors of the Sky
This is one of the 9 main temples in Bali, one of the oldest and most appreciated on the island.

2nd Day
Uluwatu Temple:
This is one of the 9 key temples In Bali, and one of the most popular spots, providing a true slice of Balinese Culture with magnificent location.

Nyang Nyang Beach:
A pristine white sandy beach on the Southmost coast of Bali. Remote and secluded by cliffs.

Finishing the day watching the Sunset at Istana Cliff

3rd Day
Sekumpul Waterfall:

Sekumpul is a hidden gem in a beautiful forest. It is one of the prettiest waterfalls in Bali.

After that, a relaxing evening watching Balinese Dance

4th Day: OPTION A
Lovina, swimming with dolphins
Morning Trip to enjoy the attraction of dolphins in the Lovina Sea and snorkling.

Buddihst Temple:

Learn the Dharma and purify your mind at International buddhist Temple.
Magnificent spot to meditate and find the Kwan Yin and Tara Goddesses.

THE 3 rd night sleeping at Lovina is not included on the price TOUR.

4th Day: OPTION B
Saraswati Temple in Ubud:
Pura Taman Saraswati is an old hindu Temple in Central of Bali that was built by one of the Ubud princes.

Monkey Forest:

To end our Trip we will visit the legendary monkey forest in the center of Ubud. A sacred sanctuary and a nature reserve for monkeys.



€50 Deposit payable to Araygua & €178 payable on site.


The Tour Price Includes :

• Private Transport with Fully Air-Conditioning Car

• Professional English Speaking Guide & Driver

• All Entrance Tickets 

• Petrol

• Parking Fee

• 21% Government Tax and Services