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Sara Avtar & Shakti Somatic Synergy

As the creator of the Shakti Dance Teacher Training Level 1 curriculum, I possess an intricate understanding of the various energy maps within our system. I am deeply familiar with the specific energies that influence different body zones and systems.

While our practical exams focus on assessing technical abilities crucial for teaching, they do not provide the opportunity to delve deeply into the psychophysical signals that emerge during movement. These signals, visible within the somatic matrix of a student’s motion, tell a much deeper story.

Benefits of Shakti Somatic Synergy

To truly address and transform these signals and the issues they represent, personalized attention in a one-to-one setting is essential. In private consultations, I can thoroughly explore the nature of your movement flow and tailor my coaching to not only enhance your range as a dancer and teacher but also to harmonize your internal psychodynamics. This process promotes a greater sense of postural alignment, balance, and graceful flow.

Unlock the Harmony Within

Ready to embark on a transformative journey where movement meets meditation, and self-awareness meets spiritual awakening? These Shakti Somatic Synergy Sessions are here to empower you through the art of movement, connecting deeply with the subtle energies that influence both body and mind.

Energetic Empowerment

Guided by Sara Avtar, the originator of Shakti Dance, each session is a personal exploration into your unique energetic landscape. Targeted exercises awaken dormant parts of your being, releasing blockages and expanding your range of motion. This process not only enhances your freedom of expression but also aligns you with the rhythms of your internal energy maps, gently releasing stagnant emotions.

Learn the Language of Your Body

Our bodies communicate through movement, revealing deeper stories about our psychophysical state. In our one-to-one sessions, Sara delves into this somatic matrix, reflecting back the themes illuminated by your movements. This personalized attention ensures that you not only express but also understand and transform the narratives held within your muscles and meridians.

A Holistic Approach to Well-being

More than just movement, these sessions are an education in self-discovery and energetic understanding. Using the innovative Somatic Matrix and the Seasonal I-Ching Body Map, these sessions integrate ancient wisdom with the intuitive flow of dance. Whether enhancing your capabilities as a Shakti Dance teacher or seeking a deeper connection with your body, these sessions offer a path to greater postural alignment, balance, and graceful flow.


You may be one of the hundreds of dedicated trainees I’ve had the pleasure of guiding through the Shakti Dance Teacher certification process. If so, you already know how I work with you to identify and overcome movement limitations. By introducing targeted exercises, I help you bring awareness to and activate dormant parts of your body, thus releasing blockages and expanding both your range of motion and your freedom of self-expression.

Read What My Clients Say About Their Coaching Experience

"The movement made during the session was very effective because it was carried out with an awareness of the points identified by Sara's map, not only with respect to physical stiffness but a/so by involving the body and psyche as a whole. This process guided me deeply into the overall understanding of a physical situation that reflected the blocks in my energy flow and my movement in everyday life."

"Yes I would definitely recommend this to others. It allowed me to have undivided attention for myself in order to fully understand why my body was reacting in a certain way and how this was playing into my life and holding me back. Tailored exercises were provided to fully meet my needs and very enlightening information given about the I Ching Somatic Matrix. I see this as a part of my spiritual journey to self love and fully knowing my true identity. A must for us all! Sara this was a beautiful experience."

"In reality, I was left speechless ... the reading through the matrix of hexagrams was clear, simple, and direct. I know that the body never lies, having practiced shiatsu for many years, but every time I am surprised by this great potential. I believe that in this session my trust in what my body signals to me was nourished."

"The wide range of movements in the area needing support, such as opening, closing, extending, rotating, etc., allowed me to bring awareness to that area, offering me the opportunity for a more intimate listening that reminded me how important it is to communicate with the body and to ask what it needs."

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